7 Best Cheap Sleeper Sofas Under $1000 (#1 is Amazing)

In this modern life, people more often live in small apartments. Managing the apartment’s small space for furniture becomes an issue where sofas, beds, and other things are considered essential for comfortable living. Having manageable-sized furniture on a limited budget can give you a hard time in modern times.

Sleeper sofas can be a good choice to tackle the space-saving and budget problems as you don’t need to purchase a separate bed for your apartment. Best sleeper sofas can be converted into a fully functional bed when required under a manageable budget. After rigorous testing, we selected the 7 best cheap sleeper sofas under $1000 to solve your budget and small space problem.

Best Sleeper Sofas Under $1000 | Best Cheap Sleeper Sofa Beds Reviews & Buying Guide

Our best tested Products at a glance so you can pick directly if you are in hurry! No. 1 is my favorite.

Image Product Details   Price
Best Sleeper Sofa Under $500 Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon Futon dimensions:
83”L x 33.5”W x 32.5”H.
Sleeping dimensions: 73”L x 44”W x 17.5”H. Weight limit: 600 lb.
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Best Inexpensive Sleeper Sofa Under $1000 HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch Couch Dimensions:
36.6” H x 102” W x 55” D; Capacity: 660 LBS; 
Ottoman Size:
19” H x 22.5” W x 22.5” D
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Best Cheap Sleeper Sofa Stone & Beam Westview Extra-Deep Sofa Couch Dimensions:
75.6″W x 42.1″D x 31.5″H
Seat Depth: 42.1”
89” Sofa variant is also available
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Best Sectional Sleeper Sofa Melpomene Copper Nail Pull Out Sofa Bed Dimensions:
Sofa Bed:
91″L x 64″W x 37″H.
58″L x 35.8″W x 37″H.
33″L x 64″W x 37″H
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5 Multi-function Vonanda Sofa Bed  Dimensions: 36.61″D x 27.95″W x 16.54″H
Weight: 65 lbs
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
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Best Sofa Bed Couch DHP Andora Coil Futon Sofa Bed Sofa dimensions:
34” D x 76” W x 33.5” H
Weight: 103 lbs
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
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Ahsley Best Sleeper Sofa Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sleeper Sofa Dimensions:
39” W x 89” L x 40” H
Weight: 110 lbs
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Here are the detailed reviews of top 7 best inexpensive sleeper sofas under $1000.

1. Novogratz Tallulah Memory Futon (Best Value Sleeper Sofa)

Novogratz Tallulah memory futon is a multi-functional sofa that can be a reliable furniture choice for your house. Starting with its classic vintage design, enhanced with a velvet touch for a smooth and classic era look in your living room or lounge. Wooden legs meet with the button tufted backrest, and arms with velvet upholstery provide a beautiful look at first sight. The sofa can not only be converted into a bed but can be adjusted to a lounge position to enjoy book reading or watching TV.

Top Pick
61R Euh5Xtl. Ac Sl1500

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon

Key Features/Specs:

  • Brand: Novogratz
  • Material: Wooden frame
  • Color: 7 colors available
  • Sleeping dimensions: 73”L x 44”W x 17.5”H
  • Design: Love seat
  • Fabric Type: Velvet
  • Multi-functional design

Talking about the comfort level, the mattress and the seat is filled with responsive memory foam and high-density foam with a good fabric that helps you get a comfortable and cozy sleep. The frame is made of wood and an understandably good option for greater durability. Although it requires a responsibility to be cleaned and dusted regularly due to its velvet fabric with a regular dusting, the sleeper sofa can stay longer with you to provide the best value to your money.

In the end, the sleeper sofa comes in seven colors to provide you with a wide range of choices to match it with room paint and things. With a weight limit of 600lbs and sleeping dimensions of 73”L x 44”W x 17.5”H, the sofa can be the choice for you at 550 bucks.

What We Liked Most

  • 7 colors provide an option to match it with room objects
  • Wooden frame and velvet upholstery makes it durable
  • High-density foam provides comfort
  • It can be converted into a sofa, reclined lounging, and bed

What We Disliked

  • Requires regular dusting

Novogratz always provides quality furniture products with comfort and durability at affordable prices. This model can cost around 500 to 600 bucks to get yourself off it easily. Hence, the product is included in our 7 BEST CHEAP SLEEPER SOFAS list for under $1000.

2. HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa (Most Affordable Sectional Sleeper Sofa)

Honbay reversible sleeper sectional is a beautiful sofa that can add attractiveness to your living room with a comfort provision quality. It is a sectional-designed sofa with dark grey and bluish-grey colors at a very economical cost of under $1000. The size of the sofa is manage-ably good and can adjust into the living room with a 4 seat sitting capacity to bear 660 lbs. For more affordable sectional sofas please check our best cheap sectional sofas under $1000 post.

Key Features:

  • Brand: HONBAY
  • Material: Wooden frame with breathable fabric
  • Color: Bluish grey and dark grey
  • Dimensions: 55″D x 102″W x 36.6″H
  • Shape: Sectional
  • Movable ottoman
  • Room Type: Living Room

It is a comfortable sofa that lets you forget the usual sinking problem. After sitting on the same side for some time, the last sofa I owned (without mentioning the name) sunk in to irritate me with discomfort. The wooden frame with breathable fabric makes it durable and long-lasting. The sofa is easy to assemble and use with connecting hooks and serpentine springs.

The multi-functional sofa has a movable ottoman that can be adjusted at any position and attached to the other seats with hooks. In addition to it, a storage bag is installed to provide an extra place to put mobile, remote control, and blanket.

What We Liked Most

  • Beautiful L-shaped design with unique colors meet the satisfaction
  • Wooden frame and breathable fabric adds durability
  • A movable ottoman with additional storage allows you to change the shape
  • High-density sponge with an arm-set pillow advances the comfort level

What We Disliked

  • The couch sits a bit low

HONBAY never let their customers down with the products. This model is one of the best sleeper sofas that provides durability and comfort at a reasonable price. We couldn’t deny its presence in the 7 BEST CHEAP SLEEPER SOFAS under the $1000 list.

3. Amazon Brand: Stone & Beam Westview (Best Cheap Sofa Bed)

It is a trusted and durable model that Amazon itself owns. It is a deep cushion and a beautifully designed sofa that adds attraction and comfort at the same time in your living room. Comfort and style at the same time is something anyone wishes for in modern times, but to be honest, the design provides beauty and attraction to any living space.

71Sp+4Otzcl. Ac Sl1500

Key Features:

  • Brand: Stone &  Beam
  • Material: Wood, down-fill, fabric
  • Color: four colors
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 42.1″D x 75.6″W x 31.5″H
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • 3-year warranty

To have a comfortable sofa, you don’t need to sacrifice durability either, as the sturdy wood makes the frame that ensures stability for a long time. In addition to the good quality wood, the block legs, and high-quality polyester stay with you for a long time without getting irritated.

Seats and the backrest are filled with a luxurious sponge to make your sitting experience better and comfortable to take a nap. Although there are huge benefits of this sleeper sofa, there is a caution you must follow to use it: prevent it with moisture. Due to its fabric and texture, you just need regular cleanliness but not water; otherwise, you may face some uncertainties in performance.

From the house of Stone and Bean, the comfortable sofa can be your choice for the home to add great attractiveness and value to your money. Its durability, comfort, reliability at a manageable cost ensures a spot in the 7 BEST SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 list.

What We Liked Most

  • Design is very attractive
  • Sturdy wood frame with block legs and polyester fabric makes it durable
  • Highly comfortable with luxurious filling
  • Easy to assemble

What We Disliked

  • Requires regular cleanliness without getting moisturized

4. Melpomene Copper Nail Pull Out Sofa Bed (Most Comfortable Inexpensive Sleeper Sofa)

Next on our list of Best sofa beds under $1000 is Melpomene, a convertible sectional sofa with an additional storage capacity to store many things. The three-seat sofa is designed for lower space apartments so that they can enjoy quality and durability at a reasonable price. Converting the sofa into bed is not a difficult task anymore. You just need to pull out the sleeper bed.


  • Brand: Melpomene
  • Material: Plastic, wood
  • Color: Black, grey and brown
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Dimensions:  64″D x 91″W x 37″H
  • Shape: L-Shape
  • Seating Capacity: 4

It is a four-seat sofa with a movable seat or an ottoman that can be adjusted either on the left or right side. The blanket or other extra things can be removed from the sight with additional storage. Talking about durability, the frame is made of sturdy wood and covers high-quality fabric to perform well for a long time but remember that cushion covers are not removable; you need extra care.

Not only has the durability, but the comfort level of the sofa goes on the peak with high-density foam. Button-tufted style engages the midsection of cushions with the back to create a good-looking design.

What We Liked Most

  • Easy to assemble and care
  • A strong wooden frame with high-quality fabric makes it durable
  • Comfortable with high-density foam
  • It can be converted into a bed in no time

What We Disliked

  • Cushions are a bit stiffer

Due to its attractive design, comfortable seats, and quick conversion from sofa to bed, Melpomene is one of our selections in the CHEAP SLEEPER SOFAS list. 

5. Vonanda Convertible Sofa Bed (Best Priced Sofa Bed)

Vonanda is a lightweight convertible sofa bed that has multi-purpose use. The sofa is available in our side office where we use it as ottoman or sofa in general and sofa bed to take a nap during tiring work. The conversion from ottoman to sofa or sofa to bed is very quick so that you don’t worry about unexpected guests. The sofa doesn’t need any assembling to require you can use it instantly after unboxing.

715I N5Jinl. Ac Sl1200


  • Brand: Vonanda
  • Material: Metal frame, Linen Fabric
  • Colors: 7 available
  • Dimensions:  36.61″D x 27.95″W x 16.54″H
  • Convertible Lightweight design
  • Multiple Adjustable positions

The metallic frame structure is sturdy and can bear a weighing capacity of 375 lbs without the chance of any injury. Vonanda offered 5 levels adjustable backrest that meets the high-density foam and fabric to provide enhanced comfort. The compact size and weight ease your living by covering extra space. The sofa is easy to fit into any spaced apartment and easily movable to any corner of the room. Vonanda offers 180 trial periods and overall 3 years warranty for its valued clients.

What We Liked Most

  • It is very lightweight that weight, only around 60 lbs
  • The sturdy metal frame can bear up to 375 lb weight
  • 5 levels of backrest adjustment to adopt a comfortable position
  • High-quality fabric that adds durability and comfort at the same time

What We Disliked

  • Don’t have the armrest

Vonanda is a super lightweight sofa chair that is convertible to a decent-sized bed by adjusting the backrest to 180⁰ and the footrest area to 0⁰ flat. It is a lightweight product that fits any scene. However, avoid sleeping on it regularly to get your back protected from lower back pain.

6. DHP Andora Coil Futon (Most Affordable Sleeper Sofa)

While talking about furniture, especially sofas, we can’t exclude DHP from the list as it continuously provides good quality products to satisfy the clients. In our list of best most affordable sleeper sofa under $1000 , we included its Andora Coil Futon sofa bed couch that provides an option to take a cozy nap or relax at the office or home. The product offers five colors with a mid-century modern design to enhance the style of your lifestyle in both classy and modern touch.

8151+4Ugu0L. Ac Sl1500

Key Features:

  • Brand: DHP
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: five colors
  • Split back design
  • Dimensions:  34”D x 76”W x 33.5”H
  • Back Style: Split Back
  • Seating Capacity: 3

Wooden legs with tufted seats with additional legs in the center and microfiber upholstery make it a durable sofa for a longer time. The split-back design is made for multi-positioning, and high-density foam provides high comfort for a cozy sleep. A person like me with a higher weight is easily managed by it as the sleeper sofa can bear up to 600 lbs. Its multi-functional ability makes it unique as it can be converted from couch to bed in no time.

What We Liked Most

  • Reliable sofa from a trusted brand
  • Wooden frame with microfiber upholstery makes it durable
  • It can be converted in seconds
  • High weight-bearing capacity

What We Disliked

  • Made for occasional sleep or taking a nap

DHP is a trusted manufacturer of furniture of all types. The Andora coil futon provides the features like comfort and durability at a reasonable price to take care of their customers. That’s why its a perfect choice if you want an affordable sleeper sofa under $1000.

7. Signature Design by Ashley – Darcy Contemporary Sofa (Best Sleeper Sofa for Bnb and Personal Use)

Signature Design by Ashley needs no introduction as they are one of the leader furniture manufacturers in the market right now. We added Darcy Contemporary sofa in our SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 list. It is a three-seat transitional styled sofa that provides an ultra-soft feel, thanks to a combination of high resiliency cushions wrapped in the polyester upholstery and sturdy corner block frame with exposed feet in faux wood finish.

61Wro2Md5Rl. Ac Sl1500

Key Features:

  • Brand: Signature Design by Ashley
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: nine colors
  • Style: Loveseat / transitional
  • Dimensions:  39″D x 89″W x 40″H
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Seating Capacity: 3

The sleeper sofa comes with nine color options so that you can choose the suitable one for your living room. With an attractive design, it shines and catches the attention at very first sight. Style with durability is all you can get in this model, as the wooden frame is strong enough to remain good for a longer period.

From my experience, one thing that can irritate or play an important role in assembling the sofa; the Darcy contemporary sofa comes pre-assembled to you. You don’t need to hook up the parts. I think it goes negative here because the company didn’t add the pillows in it. You have to purchase it separately to take a good cozy mid-day nap.

What We Liked Most

  • Style and design attracts the eyes at first sight
  • Durable with its wooden frame and polyester upholstery
  • Armrest and extra soft cushions make it highly comfortable
  • Wide range of colors

What We Disliked

  • Pillows are not added to the box

Style, durability, and comfort at this price range are bonuses you can get from the Signature Design by Ashley Darcy contemporary sofa. The sofa is highly recommended for home as well as for office use. That’s why we took it on our list of 7 BEST CHEAP SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 list.

Buying Guide: How I Selected the Best Sleeper Sofas Under $1000? Key Points to Consider When Buying a Sleeper Sofa Bed.

Having a small apartment can limit your wishes to having more furniture, or sometimes the budget restricts you to get the desired sofa and bed simultaneously. So, the space-saving furniture can easily be installed in your apartment at a very cheap price. That’s why we made a list of 7 BEST CHEAP SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 so that you can make your apartment beautiful and have a comfortable sofa plus bed at an affordable price. 

Sleeper sofas at this price level can be tough as quality decreases with the decreased cost, but we found these options to be called the best sofa beds under $1000. To select a suitable sleeper sofa under this price tag, you should understand some factors that help you. Let’s check them out!

1. Sofa Size:

Sleeper sofa size can be considered as one of the important factors because it might be the main reason to purchase a sleeper sofa to save the living space. Sleeper sofas come in different sizes according to buyers’ preferences. There are single-seat sleeper sofas, love seats, and three-chambered sofas that provide you the choice according to available space in your room. Typically for a decent-sized family, love seats or three-chambered sleeper sofas can do better with better features and look. In the 7 BEST SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 list, we have tried to present sofas of different sizes so that you can choose the best one for you.

2. Material:

The material of a sleeper sofa determines the price. Many different materials are used to produce sleeper sofas, and all of them claim their material to be the best in the market but choosing the good among them has not remained a difficult task. Sleeper sofas are made with leather, linen, silk, and poly fiber materials. Leather can be your choice for durability, but it absorbs heat and can be a tough choice for warmer regions. Whereas other fabrics are silk, cotton, and linen can add comfort but can absorb the dust in a good amount. Silk and poly fiber can be a good choice that simultaneously adds durability and comfort. 

Similarly, the frame structure and material are important to enhance durability. The wooden frame can be a good choice for long-term use, while metallic frames sometimes get caught with rust and other problems. SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 are made with different materials that can stay with you for a longer time.

3. Design and Color:

Best sleeper sofas provide you with a large number of color choices so that you can choose the color that suits your room. Before getting into it, you should consider the color not regret it after the purchase. Similarly, sleeper sofas come in different L-shape, U-shape, modular, and chaise designs. All of them are sectional sofas that allow you to consider available space in your room. You can check the L-shaped sectional sofas for their efficient design that adjusts in any kind of space in the room. In addition to it, you should check the weight of sofas; lighter sofas can create ease of carriage that can be a handy option if you live in a small apartment. 

4. Mattress Thickness and Quality:

Mattress thickness and quality are other factors you should check before buying a sleeper sofa because it enhances comfort. Due to limited space or budget, many people have to sleep on the sleeper sofas regularly. If you are one of them, then mattress thickness and quality should be the reason you should concern with. High-density sponges and good-quality fabric used in covers can provide you with the due comfort you are looking for. 7 Best sleeper sofa beds under $1000 list includes some designs with thicker and more comfortable mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1- Can you sleep on a sleeper sofa every night?

Not really; sleeping on the sleeper sofa less often may not harm you medically instead of getting a slight crick on the neck. That can be understood as the structure of sofa cushions, but sleeping regularly may create some medical issues for you. But you can sleep on it regularly if you want to save the living room space by selecting a sleeper sofa having a good mattress. In this article, you can check the 7 BEST CHEAP SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 list to find out a suitable one for you.   

2- Is it worth it to get a sleeper sofa?

We can’t deny that sleeper sofas add great value to your life and the house. Today’s world is so fast, and people often live in small apartments. Sleeper sofas can not only save space but the budget also. Best sleeper sofas can save bed space and be used for multiple purposes. In addition to it, sleeper sofas are worth more on party nights and holidays. When you host your friends, you just need to turn the sofa into a bed.

3- Can you permanently sleep on a sofa bed?

In short, the answer is no. Sleeper sofas are designed to sleep on occasion. Sleeping on sleeper sofas permanently can cause some medical issues. You can regularly face lower back pain and neck pain using the sleeper sofas. Although some sleepers hold a good material and mattress quality that adds more comfort, we don’t recommend you sleep on sleeper sofas regularly. However, if you have a good mattress sofa and spacing problem, you can check one for yourself.

 4- How long is a full sleeper sofa?

The full length of sleeper sofas differs from brand to brand and design to design. However, the full sleeper sofa size can be between 67” to 83”. But the other types of sleeper sofas like queen and king size sleeper sofas can have a length of 75”-96” and 84”-98” respectively. SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 list has multiple types of sofa offering different sizes for wide range selection.

5- How much weight can a sleeper sofa hold?

The answer to the question can be complicated, but the rule is simple. To check how much weight a sleeper sofa can hold, we have to check the features and specifications of the product. Normally speaking, a general rule is that we check per seat capacity. A single-seat of sofa can hold up to 300-350 lbs of weight. However, it depends upon the frame structure, mattress, and material of different sofas.

Final Verdict

Finding a good Sleeper sofa on a budget can be very difficult in this expensive furniture market. However, with a little bit of research and reading the reviews, you can get one that suits you the best. After deep research and some testing, we made a list of 7 BEST CHEAP SLEEPER SOFAS under $1000 that are good at providing comfort and durability at a reasonable price. From the list, we found these options that can be your choice.

  • Signature Design by Ashley – Darcy Contemporary Sofa
  • Novogratz Tallulah Memory Futon
  • Melpomene Copper Nail Pull Out Sofa Bed

If you prefer L-shaped sleeper sofas, you can go for Melpomene, and if you want a more modern design convertible sleeper sofa, Novogratz is a good option. Still, for more comfort and style, Darcy Sofa is recommended. Although, we have done deep research and testing and recommended some best sleeper sofas, you can read and look for the other options available in the article to choose the best one for you.

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