7 Best Deep Seated Sofas & Sectional | Best Deep Couches 2022

Days have passed when people preferred to look only at design while buying a sofa. Life has changed nowadays; the preference for purchasing the couch has also changed. People like a higher comfort level in their lives and want their evenings to be cozy. People worldwide prefer to buy the best deep seated sofas, deep sectional sofas and couches to relax in the evenings with their loved ones.

However, here comes a challenge, there are lots of sofas with deep seats available in the market. Looking for an extra deep seat sofa or a best deep sectional sofa on which you can cuddle and make love with your beloved one, looks no more challenging. We are presenting you an article that will indicate the top 7 BEST DEEP SEATED SOFAS AND COUCHES & Where to buy them.

Tried and Tested: 7 Best Deep Seated Sofas & Couches | Best Deep Sectional Sofa Reviews

1. Tov Furniture Aviator Collection (Best Deep Comfy Sofa)

Tov Furniture is a USA-based furniture company that provides the lead products in sofas, beds, and chairs. We added one model from their Aviator collection made with velvet upholstery, wooden frame material, and 26.8 inches of seat depth. We tested it in a tight space and highly recommended the sofa to the people who want to add comfort to their living rooms.

Modern Velvet Upholstered Living Room Sofa with Lucite Legs

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  • Brand: Tov Furniture
  • Seat Depth: 26.8”
  • Material: Kiln-dried wooden frame and Sumptuous Velvet
  • Color: Navy and grey
  • Lucite legs
  • Rectangular shape
  • Glam Style

The compact size of the sofa allows you to put it in any place in your living room. The compact size and the mid-century design look suitable for small-sized apartments. Not only the size, but its 119 lb weight allows you to carry it easily to any floor of a building. The mid-century design looked pretty durable as its wood was kiln dried, and upholstery was made with blush velvet.

Its high-density foam and lower back design meet the 26.8 inches of seat depth to provide an exciting comfort level. The sleek design that adds generous padding in the backrest area and the Lucite legs proves a valuable sofa in style and comfort. According to our expertise, the couch’s design and comfort level are un-matchable at a competitive cost of under 1600 bucks.

What We Liked Most

  • The 26.8-inch deep seat is something exceptional in terms of comfort provision.
  • Kiln-dried solid wood and blush velvet upholstery make it a durable sofa
  • Lucite legs and sleek design adds beauty
  • High-density foam with a lower back design makes your evenings cozy

What We Disliked

  • Legs are not wooden, but Lucite legs are also durable with beauty at the same time

Tov Furniture promises to present the best Deep comfy sofas that stay with you for a long time. Although the design is new in the market, our testing shows a higher comfort level of the couch with ample sitting space. We added it to our list and recommended it to the people who want good quality in a compact size.

2. Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled (Over-sized Extra Deep Sofa)

Stone & Beam is an Amazon brand trusted and reviewed several times by many persons. Our team found that the 89″ square sofa comes with seven color options, from lighter to dark, that adjust in any room style and design. The hardwood frame with nylon and polyester fabric makes it an ultra-durable sofa. So, you don’t require long or challenging cleaning as you can easily wipe the stains out.

Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Loveseat Sofa

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  • Brand: Stone and Beam
  • Seat Depth: 25”
  • Material: Hardwood frame, polyester, and nylon fabric
  • Dimensions: 89.4”W x 44.9”D x 37.4”H
  • 74”W sofa option available as well
  • Removable and reversible cushions
  • Stain-resistant material
  • Best extra deep sofa

Twenty-five inches of seat depth with the 89” length combination makes it one of the great deep couches for cuddling. Once you sit on it, you’ll almost get sunk into it due to extra soft cushions made with the high-density foam and sponge filling combination. The down-fill cushions can be reversible and removable. You can adjust them accordingly and change their sides if stains appear.

Squared arms provide significant support to your arms while watching TV programs or reading books. Poly-blend fabric is stain-resistant that kicks the average stains away. You can easily wipe out the colors with a soft wet cloth and maintain the sofa with ease. Although it is a trustworthy brand, they have added a warranty for three years and a 30-day free return in case of non-compliance to your expectations.

What We Liked Most

  • Seat cushions are soft and plush
  • 25” seat depth with extra cushions allows you the maximum comfort
  • Kids & Pet friendly and a best choice for a family
  • Simple but durable design and looks very generous
  • The stain-resistant fabric stays clean for a long time
  • Amazon brand is trustworthy
  • 30 days return policy and 3 years warranty
  • No assembly required

What We Disliked

  • Ships in different boxes and may come separately
  • Little bit heavy & hard to move as its over-sized sofa

Stone and Bean is an Amazon brand that sells classy furniture at economical prices. Their Lauren design has an extra-wide and long sofa with a 25″ seat depth to make it one of the most comfortable sofas against many other options.

3. Stendmar 3pc Contemporary (Best Deep Sectional Sofa)

After rejecting so many options, our team decided to add the Stendmar 3pc Contemporary sofa to our list, recommended as one of the best deep sectional sofas available. A seat depth of 29 inches justifies the argument that is quite a lot, not only for you but your loved one as well. You can instantly change the sofa into a full-size bed if you receive visitors.

Stendmar Best Deep Seated Sectional

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  • Brand: Stendmar
  • What’s included: Sofa, Chaise & Ottoman
  • Seat Depth: 29”
  • Material: Solid wood frame and microfiber upholstery
  • Color: Grey
  • 2.8 high-density foam
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Four extra throw pillows

This deep-seated sectional sofa is a three-piece set. The company provides a couch, ottoman, and one chaise to add more value to your purchase. Ottoman and chaise allow you to convert the sofa into a fully functional queen-sized bed to save your room’s space. However, the couch doesn’t suit a small apartment with a bed and other furniture items. Still, you can adjust it to an all-in-one feature. 

The L-shaped sofa looks great in grey color, and dark grey colored throw pillows are provided if you want to lounge back with your family. Microfiber material with a solid wood frame is used to ensure durability and quality at the same time. With the 208 high-density foam filling, the sofa provides excellent support to relax your muscles after daylong work.

What We Liked Most

  • With an ottoman and chaise, you can turn the sofa into a bed
  • Microfiber material and solid wood frame make it durable for a long time
  • 29” seat depth is more than enough to relax in the evening
  • It provides you the chance to use it as a sofa, lounge, and bed at the same time
  • You can use this as queen size bed

What We Disliked

  • A bit higher in price but is justifiable against the utility you get

Stendmar 3pc sofa is the best deep sectional sofa that offers many features and adds durability and higher comfort at the same time with the quality material. We couldn’t resist adding this sofa to our list when it came to sectional sofas.

4. GDFStudio Traditional Chesterfield Loveseat Sofa (Best Deep Seat Loveseat)

GDF Studio needs no introduction for sofa lovers. Still, for instance, GDF Studio is an American-based company that established itself in the furniture industry in a short time. The Knight Loveseat is among their one of the most beautiful, comfy and deep-seated sofas of all time. The wooden frame and fabric upholstered sofa passed all of our testing periods with the additional feature of beauty.

GDF Studio Loveseat (Best Deep loveseat for Small Spaces)

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  • Brand: GDF Studio
  • Seat Depth: 24.5”
  • Style: Loveseat
  • Material: Wooden frame, polyester fabric, and birch legs
  • Color: Emerald Green
  • Traditionally rolled arms
  • Tufted back design

The Loveseat has a traditional glam style sofa with a tufted backseat, standard roll arm, turned legs, and attractive nail-head accents. In addition to it, the high sound quality polyester-filled cushions and deep-seated section capture you instantly while sitting on it. The deep seat seating area enhances the comfort to a level that you sink while sitting on it.

The legs are made with birch wood, and the round-shaped legs add more beauty to the sofa. Birchwood may be lighter than other options, but you can’t argue birch at durability when it comes to furniture. The Emerald green color with the compact size allows you to adjust it even in smaller places. The seat depth is measured at 24.5″.

What We Liked Most

  • Intricately tufted design with an emerald green color makes it a pretty sofa
  • Wooden frame, birch legs, and polyester fabric adds reliability and durability
  • We can adjust it even in small apartments, thanks to its compact size
  • Very affordable deep sofa that costs under $600

What We Disliked

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Not good for big apartments but equally good for small spaces

GDF Studio makes it possible to get high-quality sofas at a manageable cost. The attractive color, design, and durable wooden frame and fabric, makes it one of the best deep seated sofas in our list. We highly recommend the sofa to those who want to purchase a stylish deep, seated sofa with durability.

5. POLY & BARK Napa 88.5″ (Best Deep Seat Leather Sectional Sofa)

Poly and Bark Napa is an Italian tanned pure aniline leather sofa that combines style and quality at the same time. The sofa comes in four colors, but the Cognac Tan indicates the original leather color that you ultimately fall in love with. The kiln-dried wood frame with the aniline leather (natural) upholstery is something you can’t beat in durability.

Poly & Bark Leather Sofa & Sectional

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  • Brand: Poly and Bark
  • Seat Depth: 24”
  • Available in sofa, sectional, bench-seat, lounge seat & ottoman
  • Material: Wooden frame, pure leather, duck feathers filled with high-density foam
  • Pirelli webbing suspension
  • Two Feather down bolster pillows
  • Non-reversible back cushions
  • Solid wood legs

Many brands use polyester and high-density foam in cushions. Still, in addition to them, duck feathers filling in cushions and seats make it unique from any other sofa on the list. You can imagine the comfort level the sofa provides. If you are a leather’s traditional look lover, you might like its vintage patina that appears after some use.

Pirelli webbing seats and cushioned back support make your evening cozy if you lounge around. The seats are non-reversible, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about them. The sofa is very easy to clean and maintain for a long time. Twenty-four inches of seat depth is suitable for sitting and cuddling up with your loved one.

What We Liked Most

  • Highly durable with corner-blocked wooden frame and leather
  • Duck feathers filling and high-density foam make it highly comfortable
  • Pure aniline leather presents a cognac tan color for unique beauty
  • Italian traditional design makes it a stylish sofa

What We Disliked

  • Substantial seat

The Poly and Bark Napa 88.5 inch sofa provide a luxurious look and high performance with its design and material. The couch seems perfect while testing due to its comfort level, durability, and innovation. We highly recommend it to those people who want to buy a deep seat leather sofa with high performance and a great look.

6. Stendmar 5Pc Reversible Modern 2 Tone (Most Comfortable Deep Couch)

Stendmar 5pc reversible sofa is a modern designed extra deep lounge sofa with a seat depth of 40 inches. It is pretty deep; actually, that’s why we have added a second sofa from the Stendmar brand. The five pieces are the left sofa, right sofa, centered arm less sofa, corner sofa, and the ottoman. We noticed during the testing that all these things save you several bucks in this set.

Stendmar 5Pc sofa set (Best Deep Sectional Couch)

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  • Brand: Stendmar
  • Seat Depth:40”
  • Style: 5Pc sofa
  • Material: Hardwood frame, Microfiber upholstery
  • Seating Capacity: 6 persons
  • Convertible bed sofa
  • 3.0 high-density foam

When the hardwood frame and the microfiber upholstery material are combined, you can’t argue for the sofa’s durability and easy maintenance. The semi-circular design doesn’t only provide a considerable sitting capacity but is convertible into a bed for regular visitors. 3.0-high density foam is used to make the sofa highly comfortable.

What We Liked Most

  • Can be setup as a King bed
  • Metal short legs and long wooden legs are two options to choose from according to room structure
  • Equally suitable for pet owners due to its microfiber upholstery
  • Modern style makes it attractive
  • 40″ seat depth makes it an extra deep sofa

What We Disliked

  • Assembly requires more than two persons

We recommend the Stendmar 5pc sofa for large families or couples with a significantly wider friend zone. Additionally, the combination of high seating capacity, hardwood frame, and microfiber material make the sofa a complete package. Furthermore, the 40” seat depth makes it the best and most comfortable deep couch for cuddling. So, you should definitely consider testing this sofa.

7. Acanva Luxury Mid-Century Velvet Tufted (Deep overstuffed Sectional Sofa Couch)

Acanva is a brand that provides luxurious sofas and other furniture with excellent durability. This sofa set is a mid-century tufted design that aims to provide an excessive comfort level with its deep seat of 24″. It is a corner sofa with an option of left or right-side orientation. You can buy the sofa according to your room space.

Acanva Mid-Century Velvet Tufted Low Back Sofa Couch & Sectional

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  • Brand: Acanva
  • Seat Depth:24”
  • Style: Corner deep couch sectional
  • Material: Solid hardwood frame, Velvet upholstery
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • High Resilient Foam
  • Extra three throw pillows

The hardwood frame combines with the velvet upholstery for extra durability. The velvet fabric upholstery comes in three colors grey, blue, and navy. The seat cushions are filled with high-density resilient foam that provides extreme comfort. The foam stays with you for a long time without tipping inside.

It is an L-shaped sofa with a low backrest and a tufted design on a diamond pattern that makes it more beautiful than many other similar options. Acanva provides three extra throw pillows that allow you to relax and release stress after day-long work. The sofa is very easy to assemble, and you don’t need any tool to turn it into a working condition.

What We Liked Most

  • High resilience and density foam combines with velvet material to make it highly comfortable & cozy
  • L-shaped sectional sofa that can furnish your room’s corners
  • A solid hardwood frame makes it durable
  • Diamond style tufted enhances its beauty
  • Best deep seated sectional sofa with 3 pillows
  • Assembly requires less than 10 minutes

What We Disliked

  • A little bit higher in price

Acanva corner sectional sofa can make your room’s corners more attractive with a beautiful diamond-tufted style and a perfect size. We recommend this deep-seated sofa to those who want to manage their room corners attractively with the help of deep-seated sofas.

BUYING GUIDE: What to Look for When Buying a Best Deep Seated Sectional or Sofa

Life becomes so busy that most people do not receive many visitors to their homes. In context, people want to make the evenings cozy and relaxed with their loved ones. That is only possible when you get the best deep couches that perfectly suit you.

The task becomes challenging when you are new to purchasing a sofa. Many factors add higher utility to the deep-seated sofas. According to our experience, these factors are essential for any sofa with deep seat depth.

1. Seat Depth

Best deep seated sectional or a deep seat sofa couch become a lie if the seat isn’t structured deep enough. The seat depth is the primary difference between the deep-seated sofa and standard sofas. You quickly tucked your feet on the deep-seated sofas to enjoy the TV, gaming, nap, or even cuddle with your loved one. You can’t do such things on the standard sofas due to less seat depth.

The importance of deep-seated sofas increases significantly in case of excessive height than average persons. You can’t sit properly on couches with a standard seat depth of 19” to 23” sofas. Best Deep Seated Sofas should have a seat depth between 24” to 30″ to provide you with a better experience. You should also look at this factor if you like to lounge back while sitting on the sofa.

2. Sofa Size

Extra deep lounge sofa requires more space in your living room. That is because of the dimensions of the sofas. Especially when you live in a small apartment where you can’t afford to have a more over-sized couch, you have to manage other things. In that scenario, the sofa size plays a vital role in buying deep-seated sofas. 

Sofas are available in numerous sizes with different functions and features. All you need is to check the open space in your room and then the sofa’s dimensions. Managing the area requires you to be wise, so you can look for a sofa to provide you with higher utility by covering less space.

You can go for a sectional sofa or a recliner to quickly turn into the bed. It will save you the space for a bed and keep your budget. Stendmar 3pc conventional is an oversized extra deep sofa sectional from the list that we recommend you in that case.

3. Sofa Type

Many types of sofas are available in the market right now. All of them are used according to people’s preferences and choices. The over-sized extra deep couch is something you can buy in any type. Some types of sofas are loveseats, recliners, sectional sofas, and futons. You can think and check which kind of sofa is suitable for you.

Loveseats and sectional sofas are the most commonly purchased sofas in modern times. If you select the love seat, make sure you have enough space to cuddle with your loved one. Our list contains several deep couches for cuddling. Similarly, you can check the sectional sofas if you receive regular visits and recliners if you live separately.

4. Material

Like any other purchase, the material is crucial to consider before buying an extra deep seat sofa. When we talk about the material, we mean the frame material, upholstery, and cushions’ filling material. Starting with the frame, our several tests and experiences from our team recommend that a solid wood frame should be your straight choice for the deep sofas. Metal frames and legs are also a great option, but wood would be better.

Similarly, leather upholstery is a good choice if you look for durability. Although many materials other than leather are being used to make sofas, like artificial leather, silk, velvet, microfiber, wool, and polyester, leather upholds the best award. Additionally, cushion filling is something you should be concerned with. We recommend the polyester or high-density foam filling for deep overstuffed sectional sofas.

5. Budget

When it comes to different types and features, the budget may change accordingly. That’s why you should clear your mind about the budget to buy deep seating couches. You don’t always need to spend too many bucks on the sofas to acknowledge a quality purchase. You can get highly comfortable sofas with higher durability at a manageable cost.

However, you need to have an amount in mind to spend on the deep sofas. Prices vary for different types, brands, features, and materials, but you should have between 800 to 2000 bucks in your pocket to get good deep, wide couches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- How can I make my deep sofa more comfortable?

There are many ways to make deep sofas more comfortable, but first, you should buy an oversized extra deep sofa. Other methods are re-plumbing cushions with additional foam fillings, providing wool support to springs, having separate deep sectionals, having an extra cozy pillow, and choosing a sofa with a reclining feature.

2- What are the criteria to call a sofa deep seat sofa?

A deep-seat sofa is a sofa that has more seat depth than standard sofas. The main difference between deep-seat sofas and classic sofas is the seat depth; traditional sofas have 19”-23″ deep seats, and deep-seat sofas have 24”-30″ deep seats.

3- Which sofa bed is deep seat?

Many sofa beds have deep seats, but after testing rigorously, we concluded that Stendmar 3pc Contemporary Grey deep couch with chaise is the sofa that has a deeper heart than many other options available in the market.

4- What is extra deep sofa seat?

Sofas with 19” to 23” seat depth are standard-sized sofas. Sofas with a seat depth of 24″-30” may be called deep seat sofas, whereas any seat measured above 30″ will be called the extra-deep sofa seat.

5- What does deep seating mean?

Deep seating means far below the surface. In the furniture field, deep seating means a sofa with an excessive seat depth than the standard size. These types of sofas allow your body to sink into the seat with a high comfort level.

6- Is deep seating comfortable?

It depends upon the people’s preference. However, most people feel comfortable sitting on deep-seat sofas and love to use deep seating. Typically, 19”-23″ seats are comfortable for many people, but some feel comfortable sitting in a 24″-30″ chair.

Final Verdict

We have discussed the top 7 best deep seated sofas, sectionals and couches & where to buy them in the article. However, all the options have enough valuable features for many people, but here are some standout performers from our testing.

  • POLY & BARK Napa 88.5″
  • Stendmar 3pc Contemporary (extra deep sectional sofa)
  • Stendmar 5pc Reversible Modern 2 Tone

These are some of our list’s most liked and highly recommended deep seat sofas. Poly & Bark is more than enough for you to provide leisure with grace if you want natural leather products. Similarly, if you have a more prominent family or receive visitors more often than Stendmar, both options are best. However, you can read out the article to find the most suitable choice for you. Good luck!

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