5 Best Lazy Boy Sectional Sofas | La-Z-Boy Reviews 2022

Many furniture companies claim to provide you with the best quality couches and sofas, but only a few remain true to their claims. The la-z-Boy has been making outstanding furniture for over 90 years. In all these years it has gained the trust of its customers. La-Z-Boy sofas and sectional couches are the best we have seen.

After testing multiple sectional sofas and couches from La-Z Boy, we will review the La-Z-Boy brand and share with you the pros and cons of its sofas and recliners. So, read our La-Z-Boy sofa review till the end, as we have also included a buying guide to help select buyers.

La-Z-Boy Brand Overview

How it started?

Edward M Knabusch and his cousin founded La-Z-Boy after designing a wooden recliner chair in 1927. This chair paved the way for the future recliner chairs that we see. The name la-Z-boy was selected as a winner in a contest.

Product Quality 

As stated earlier, La-Z Boy offers one of the best quality furniture in the market. The high quality doesn’t mean high prices since most of their furniture prices are pretty affordable.

La-Z Boy utilizes modern technology in the making of its furniture. Their stores are spread across the entire globe due to the incredible quality they provide. After extensive testing, their products are sent to the market, guaranteeing premium quality.

Price and Delivery 


La-Z boy sofas have a relatively lower starting price than most competitors. Their furniture starts from about $700, and the high budget sofas can cost up to $4000. Remember that the price does not represent product quality, but more features since even a $700 sofa would be top quality.

We have tested multiple products from their store and were reasonably satisfied with the price and customer service. We even tried their signature recliners. While the starting price of sofas may be close to $700, recliners are much cheaper.


La-Z boy have a longer delivery time because the sofas and couches are already assembled and are delivered strictly at the place where you want them to be. The delivery time can range from 6 weeks to six months (if you want a custom sofa).

The Covid situation has also caused a delay in the delivery time, so the average delivery time is around ten weeks.

Quality and Durability:


Most furniture is made in the US at their five manufacturing plants. They offer customers a wide range of choices when choosing cushions for their sofas or chairs. The customer can choose between standard, Airfoam seat cushions or Comfort core cushions. The customer can also choose between different fabric designs. Some of their furniture is made from solid wood.

All of the furniture is thoroughly tested to eliminate faulty parts. This ensures the customer gets fully functional and high-quality furniture. 


Although most customers would agree on the outstanding quality that la-Z-boy provides, they often give mixed reactions to its durability. La-Z boy furniture will last for years if you maintain it well and use it reasonably. Still, they don’t provide a full lifetime warranty for all of the parts of a sofa, and if damaged after a year of purchase, you have to cover the cost of repairs yourself.

Best Lazy Boy Sofas & Sectional Sofa Couches Reviews

Here are 3 of the best La-Z Boy sectional sofas. We tested many La-Z boy sectional sofas and la-z boy recliner sofas, and these 5 were our favorites.

1. La-Z-Boy Bexley Sectional Review

Bexley is the right fit if you are designing a new living room with its tailored lines and detailing and definitely a compliment to the chair’s family. It has clean and fitted lines. On the outside, it has padded arms, and the back of this sectional gives the couch frame a more significant and rounder shape, which adds to its design and gives comfort. Moreover, it comes with contented core seat cushions for that extra firmness and comfort. 

Best Lazy Boy Sectional


  • It has a flare and key-shaped arms. 
  • The legs are made of pure wood with a seat height of 21.5 inches.
  • It also includes two accent pillows with it. 
  • It offers a variety of modules to fit into any room.

2. La-Z-Boy Kennedy Sofa Review

It would be no mistake to say that it is a classic combination of narrow track arms and clean lines. To add to the style, it has decorative wooden legs. The fabric used is incredibly soft, durable, and sustainable and is available in different materials with various patterns, which many other brands lack. It can last longer than 7-10 years and fits nicely in smaller spaces. 

Best Lazy Boy Sectional Couch


  • It has narrow track arms that save a lot of space. 
  • The corners of this sofa are shaped 90 degrees for comfort-ability. 
  • It can be customized in a variety of fabrics. 
  • The cushions are reversible and removable seat cushions with 21.5 inches of seat height. 
  • It has a high back with a mix of colors breaking up the gray. 

3. La-Z-Boy Top Arm Reclining Sofa 

This top arm reclining sofa goes a little out of the way to provide premium qualities such as adjustable lumbar support and a power tilt headrest to provide the comfort of your dreams. The footrest’s power motion adds to its qualities and eliminates unneeded tension or stress. The back of this 3-seat sofa is also removable. Furthermore, the couch reclines independently without requiring you to elevate your footrests. 



  • It has a built-in USB charging port. 
  • It is equipped with battery packs to position the recliner. 
  • The seat depth is ideal with a delicate back, making it flexible. 
  • It has a blend of polyester that is stain-safe and hypoallergic.

4. Lazy Boy Paxton Sectional Sofa Review:

This sofa is excellent for seating guests or family gatherings. Its soft seats can sink in to give you extreme comfort. This sectional sofa feels exceptionally cozy to sit on. The design is also neat with clean lines. Moreover, it has comfortable core seat cushions, which provide excellent support. To top it all off, you can also choose our customized upgrades.

Lazy Boy Paxton Sectional Review


  • You can customize it according to room size and design 
  • Includes limited warranty 
  • Provides good support 
  • Welt trim
  • High-quality comfort core cushions

5. James Sectional Sofa Review:

This is a relaxed and laid-back sectional sofa. James sectional sofa brilliantly combines comfort and support. The seats feel lovely to sit on and are super comfy. Moreover, you can choose between different modules to determine the sofa that suits you the best. It comes with the choice of manual or power recliner. All in all, this is a perfect sofa for any household.

Lazy Boy James Sectional Sofa Review


  • Clean and family-friendly style
  • You can choose between manual and power recliner 
  • Super comfy seats
  • Tall pillow backs 
  • It can be configured to fit your room

la-Z-boy Comfortable Couches

Comfort is one of the things that la-Z-boy doesn’t compromise on. Their seat cushions come in 3 different cushion types:

  • Standard cushion
  • Airfoam cushion 
  • Comfort core cushion

All of these feel incredibly comfortable, and you can choose any of these depending upon your preference. I would recommend the comfort core cushions since they also provide good support.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews regarding the quality of La-Z boy sofas were primarily positive, but we cannot say the same for its delivery and durability. Most people had mixed feedback about its durability since it does not cover a lifetime warranty of its furniture.

That said, most La-Z boy sofas can easily last up to 10 years if maintained correctly and used fairly. The delay in delivery can be caused due to the virus and also factors like location and distance. Moreover, custom orders take more time to manufacture hence a much longer delivery time.

Other than that, La-Z boy sofas had positive reviews, with most customers appreciating the quality and design of their sofas. Also, the furniture is manufactured in America with over 90 years of history and research so that you can put your trust in La-Z Boy. The La-Z Boy sectional reviews were also mainly positive.

Support And Warranty

La-Z Boy has excellent customer support. They are available for their customers 24/7. They have customer care videos, FAQs, and manuals of other info that customers would like to know to facilitate their customers. All of this is available on their official website.

Now there are mixed feelings about the warranty of La-Z boy products. They offer a limited one-year contract for their products, so if your sofa or couch gets damaged after a year, you have to cover the repair fees. However, they still provide a ten years warranty for some parts if they suffer manufacturing faults.

Our Recommendation

Keeping all of the above things in mind, we recommend you buy your furniture from La-Z Boy since they offer top-quality products. The only downside is their delivery time and warranty. If you can wait for ten weeks and maintain your sofa well enough, you will get a premium sofa that can last up to 10 years.

The quality will also make you a La-Z boy fan. The prices are reasonable, and the furniture’s value is more than its cost. So, if you are looking to buy a sectional couch or a recliner, try buying it from La-Z Boy. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Buying Guide: What to look for when Buying a Lazy Boy Sofa or Sectional

Even at La-Z BoyBoy, finding the sofa that best fits your needs may be challenging, so here is a buying guide for less experienced buyers.

1-Room size:

When buying a recliner or sofa, the room size is the first thing to keep in mind. You don’t want to buy a huge sofa for a small-sized room as it would feel too full. If you purchase a recliner with limited space, I recommend purchasing a wall hugger since it can sit inches from a wall. For a sofa, you can settle with a 2-seater if the space doesn’t allow an enormous couch.


Your room design also plays a vital role in choosing the right sofa. A clean and simple sofa would fit nicely if you got a lighter room design. But if your room has a darker design, I would suggest going for something that stands out. La-Z BoyBoy allows you to customize your sofa according to your room design. If you are unsure, they would even send a designer to your house to guide you on the best sofa choice for your room.

3-Comfort and support:

Having firm support on a sofa is as essential as comfort. La-Z BoyBoy offers different options for cushions, each having additional features. The one I like the most is the comfort core cushion since it gives comfort with good support. You also have to keep in mind the seat size and choose it according to your height.


1-How much is a la-Z-Boy sofa?

Depending on the sofa you are buying, the price range can vary quite slightly. For example, if you buy a budget sofa, the price starts at about $700, but if you want to buy a high budget sofa, the cost can reach $4000. It all depends upon the choice of sofa you are making. However, the average cost of la-Z-boy sofas is still lower than most other competitors.

2-Are La-Z-Boy sofas good quality?

When it comes to quality, La-Z-Boy makes no compromises. The sofas are top quality even if you are buying a low-budget sofa. Sound quality is one of the critical features of any product. For this reason, La-Z boy sofas are made with premium quality that gives you maximum comfort and durability.

3-Is La-Z-Boy Furniture worth the money?

La-Z Boy offers a wide range of fabric and customizable designs for sofas. Moreover, their furniture is top quality with great features. So I would say it is definitely worth the money. Furthermore, their furniture is budget-friendly which makes it more accessible and affordable.

4-How long will a La-Z-Boy recliner last?

The lifetime of a product depends on its maintenance and its durability. If you maintain the recliner properly and use it reasonably, it can even last up to 20 years. However, most users would get an average of around ten years on their recliners.

5-Does La-Z-Boy have a lifetime guarantee?

La-Z Boy has a lifetime warranty, but it is only for specific furniture parts, mainly for defects caused by the manufacturer. For their sofas, they have a guarantee of about 12 months, including labor to repair and its cost, provided you have the proof of purchase. After 12 months you have to pay for the repair fees.

6-Does La-Z-Boy use bonded leather?

La-Z boy sofas are made of genuine leather. They also have the option of bonded leather available. It is a lot cheaper than genuine leather, so you can go for a bonded leather sofa if you are on a budget.

Bonded leather feels the same as real leather, but the quality and durability of genuine leather are much better than bonded leather. We recommend you buy authentic leather since it is more beneficial in the long term.

7-How can I make my sleeper sofa more comfortable?

There are plenty of ways to make your sleeper sofa more comfortable. For starters, you can use pillows. A good pillow will increase your quality of sleep. I would recommend going for fluffy pillows. 

Another option would be a mattress topper. You can choose a mattress topper depending on your preference. Just determine what you are comfortable with. I would suggest buying a thicker mattress topper since a thick enough mattress topper will help you get more comfortable.

You can also use blankets to increase the overall comfort of your sleeper sofa. However, not all blankets are suitable. It would help if you determined which one fits the purpose. You can also go for weighted blankets as they offer pressure therapy for releasing stress.


La-Z-Boy is a pioneer in recliner chairs and sofas. There is no need to worry about the quality of your furniture when it comes to La-Z boys. We tried to keep the La-Z boy sofas reviews thorough and include some customer reviews so you can see the feedback La-Z Boy gets from its customers.

We included a buying guide to give you an idea of how to buy the best La-Z boy recliner sofas or recliners. We hope this review was helpful.

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