Best Leather Couches for Dogs Owners | Top Sofas 2022

Dogs and leather couches are a sweet debate for dog owners. Having a leather sofa with a pet dog is a phenomenon that every pet owner thinks off. But, choosing from the numerous options available in the market becomes quite interesting when you don’t have enough knowledge.

After testing so many sofas and getting reviews from the dog owners, we have made a list of 10 BEST LEATHER COUCHES & SOFAS FOR DOG OWNERS 2022 to provide you the exact information about having a leather sofa with a dog. Stay with us till the end to read about the factors based on which we selected these sofas.


1. POLY & BARK Napa 88.5″ Sofa (Best leather sofa for dogs)

Poly & Bark Napa 88.5″ sofa is a tanned Italian style rectangular leather sofa with four primary colors. Cognac Tan color comes with pure aniline leather to provide a pure leather feel, and the other three colors come with a semi-aniline touch. The main reason for cognac tan color provision is to develop a traditional patina after some use, as some users love to see that.

POLY & BARK Napa 88.5″ Sofa Full-Grain Semi-Aniline Italian Tanned Leather

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  • Brand: POLY & BARK
  • Material: Wood frame
  • Color: 4 colors, cognac tan for traditional Italian look
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Sofa Dimension: 40″D x 30″W x 30″H
  • Seat length: 88.5″
  • Available in other sofa type like sectional
  • Upholstery Leather: Pure Aniline, Semi-aniline

Italian tanned style with a durable wooden corner frame provides the long-lasting ability. Every hide may vary in color depth due to its natural texture. Moreover, to add durability and prevent wrapping, every wood piece is dried in the kiln to add durability and prevent wrapping. High-density foam is filled in the seats and cushions to provide comfort to you and your fluffy buddy pet.

Feather-down cushions and the non-reversible seat and loose bolsters are keen to provide extra comfort and adjustment to your relaxation. With the ease of installation, the sofa requires hardly 5 minutes to assemble and come into working condition.

What We Liked Most

  • Corner-blocked wooden frame ensures the support to the structure
  • Wooden legs enhance the durability
  • Top grain thick and luxurious leather
  • High-density foam provides comfort for you and the dog
  • Semi-aniline leather makes it durable against the paws and scratches

What We Disliked

  • Seat is bit firm and not much bouncy
  • May stains a little after sometime

Poly & Bark is a perfect sofa for dog owners. It is a sofa with semi-aniline leather that provides high space with comfort, durability, and a relaxed feel to the owners and the dogs. With these features and traditional Italian design, the sofa is one of the best couches for big dogs owners. We recommend this to those pet lovers who want to keep the pets without damaging the interior look.

2. Hydeline Bella 100% Leather Sofa Couch (Best Couch for Dogs & Cats)

Next on our list of Best pet friendly couches  is the Hydeline Bella. It is an 85″ love seat sofa with three colors, including cognac, truffle, and vanilla, for a more fantastic choice of dark and light colors. This rectangular-shaped sofa design is simple with a padded armrest to enhance the comfort for both you and your dog that can probably rest on it too.

Hydeline Bella 100% Leather Sofa Couch

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  • Brand: Hydeline
  • Material: kiln-dried wooden frame
  • Color: 3 colors
  • Type: Love Seat
  • Sofa Dimension: 15.5″D x 23″W x 4″H
  • Upholstery Leather: Top-Grained
  • L-braced and glued wooden corner blocks
  • A balanced weight distribution
  • Available in other sofa types like sectional, chair, loveseat & Ottoman

The company made the upholstery with split-grain leather with a comfortable seating that features feather down and memory foam of 2.25-height. No sag spring seats, kiln-dried wood, and wooden legs provide even weight distribution to add durability for a longer time. Wooden corner blocks are engineered with an L shape to provide maximum durability and strength. The product will be delivered and assembled in your room if you have a problem assembling it.

What We Liked Most

  • Armrest enhance comfort to the arms
  • Kiln-dried wood and L-braced wooden frame makes it a durable sofa
  • Top grained leather makes it scratch resistant sofa
  • One month money-back warranty boost the confidence to buy

What We Disliked

  • A little bit higher in price against the Poly & Barks’ but is more valuable than that

Hydeline has an L braced and glued wooden corner block frame that stays with you long. With an extra armrest, the sofa does not only provide a relaxing time for your arm but for your dog to put his head on it to feel squishy. Balanced weight distribution and the top-grained upholstery make it one of the best leather couch for dogs and cats.

3. Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Leather Sofa Couch

Stone & Beam is an Amazon brand that never lets customers down with durable and uniquely designed products. It is one of the best leather couches for dogs due to its durable upholstery of top-grained leather. The reliable sofa allows everyone to return in 30 days if you are not satisfied and a total of 3 years warranty.

Stone & Beam Chesterfield Couch (Best Luxury Pet Couch)

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  • Brand: Stone & Beam
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: 8
  • Type: Industrial Sofa
  • Sofa Dimension: 39″D x 92.9″W x 30.3″H
  • Upholstery Leather: Faux
  • Seat Length: 93″
  • Three-year warranty

The supreme design adds more value and seems like an expensive sofa, but it is pretty affordable in reality. With the deep button tufted backrest, the sofa catches eyes immediately. Apart from its beauty, this sofa is also resistant to all scratches and cannot quickly be snatched or scratched.

Furthermore, you can read our guide on how to remove scratches from leather sofas easily if you already have a sofa with scratches.

The round-shaped armrest insists you curl up your arms around and feel relaxing innovation. The same is the case for your pet dog that enjoys these surfaces provided only in restyled designs. In addition to it, the detachable legs allow you to adjust it according to your needs.

What We Liked Most

  • Faux leather makes the sofa durable
  • Soft cushions make it highly comfortable
  • The restyled design with tufted backrest combines traditional and modern styles
  • It comes with eight colors for adjustment anywhere

What We Disliked

  • Can heat up in the hot climate

What more can we expect in a sofa? This Stone & Beam chesterfield tufted sofa is one of the best couch for dog owners. That is due to its extended seat depth, great length, and a three-year warranty. The material is pet friendly and can be maintained with ease. In addition to it, the tufted backrest and roll arm armrests provide an attractive look, comfort and relaxation

4. Rivet Revolve Modern Leather Sofa Couch & Sectional (Best leather sectional for dogs)

The Rivet is among the best pet friendly couches choices our sofa marketing team selected. Looking at its features and performance, we recommend the sofa to the dog owners who want their sofa to become a sleeper where they and their dog can sit and sleep. Some significant features of the Rivet are its compact and lightweight design, lower price, and trust-able brand.

Rivet Revolve Modern Leather Sofa Couch

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  • Brand: Rivet
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Color: 8
  • Type: Home Sofa, sleeper & sectional
  • Sofa Dimension: 34.6″D x 79.9″W x 35.4″H
  • Seat Length: 80″
  • Available in Sofa and Loveseats as well
  • 30 days free returns & One year warranty

Rivet Revolve is a modern style sofa that can be used as the best sectional for dog owners due to its high quality and durable functions. It is an Amazon brand that adds more durability than you think. From the dark to lighter colors, the company provides you a wider choice in color selection but to be honest, go for the dark colors like caramel leather that will cover many stains and remains easy to wipe.

A hardwood frame with beach solid wood legs makes it more lightweight than many other sofas. The assembling of the sofa is quite easy that you can manage to assemble it in just 15 odd minutes.

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What We Liked Most

  • Easy to clean due to the leather type
  • It can be made a sleeper sofa
  • Square arm style makes it comfortable to rest your arm
  • Easy to assemble just in 15 minutes
  • Cheaper than many other options on the list
  • Best pet friendly sofa & sectional that is suitable for both dogs & cats

What We Disliked

  • A slight difference in actual colors shown in images but that maybe because of lighting
  • Zippers are not very smooth

A wooden frame with top-quality leather adds more reliability and durability to the sofa to last long. The plus thing is that your pets will love to sit or cuddle on it because of comfort without fearing the tearing issue. In addition to that, it can be turned into a sectional sleeper sofa that allows you and your hairy fellow to take a nap simultaneously. 

5. Novogratz Brittany Futon, Convertible Sofa & Couch

We have added Novogratz to our best leather couches for dogs list because it is a stylish and modern faux leather sofa known for its unique design and durability for humans and pets like dogs. The company offers 13 colors for this rib tufted cushioned backrest sofa, but again the tufted design is of some uniqueness. The oak color wooden slanted angled legs add durability and style at the next level.

Novogratz Brittany Futon, Convertible Sofa & Couch

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  • Brand: Novogratz
  • Material: Sturdy wood
  • Color: 13
  • Type: Futon
  • Sofa Dimension: 81.5″L x 34.5″W x 31.5″H
  • Multifunctional Sofa
  • One year warranty
  • Available in armless futon, sleeper sofas & Sectional

The split-back design allows you to set three positions to enjoy the full swing of a multi-functional sofa with your doggy dog. A sturdy wooden frame is installed to add durability for a longer period. And to measure its comfort, the polyester and foam filling in seats and cushions make the sofa very comfortable. The sofa comes with a one-year warranty to remove doubts about the product.

What We Liked Most

  • Attractive design due to its rib tufted cushion backrest
  • High-quality polyester and foam filling makes it comfortable
  • Multifunctional sofa that can be changed into three positions
  • Durable sofa due to sturdy wooden frame

What We Disliked

  • Higher armrest for small dogs

Novogratz has been the house of trusted craftsmanship and furniture for the past 25 years. Our experience indicates that this futon is one of the best acting sofas for both humans and dogs. That’s why, we added it in our  list of best leather sofas for dogs. The sofa’s extra seat depth, eye-catchy vertical tufted design, a multi-functional and wide range of colors adds more value.

6. Betsy Furniture Bonded Leather Reclining Sofa, Loveseat & Glider Chair

The Betsy Furniture’s Bonded Leather Reclining sofa is designed to provide enhanced comfort for the persons and the dogs. Betsy furniture used artificial leather in upholstery. But, we added it into our list of best leather sofas for dogs and cats owners due to its luxury comfort level and supreme design.

Betsy Furniture Bonded Leather Reclining Sofa

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  • Brand: Betsy Furniture
  • Material: Artificial Leather
  • Color: 4
  • Type: Reclining Sofa, Love seat & Glider chair
  • Sofa Dimension: 40″D x 85″W x 39″H
  • Split Back up to 180⁰
  • Cushion Back
  • Pillow Top

The pillow-top armrest and backrest allow you to relax with your dog to take a nap or enjoy a match on TV. The cushions are filled with high-quality foam, and the seats have a pocket coil spring to distribute the actual weight across the sofa. In addition, one seat can be reclined back from 60⁰ to 180⁰. The footrest can be extended to allow you to stretch your legs as you want, which means your puppy can rest with you while you take a nap.

What We Liked Most

  • Pillow top armrest design provides luxurious comfort
  • Reclining sofa that can be split back up to 180⁰
  • Coil springs can bear equal weight to make them durable
  • Extended footrest enhances comfort to the legs as well

What We Disliked

  • Not a natural leather sofa but perform in a better way
  • Assembling sofa parts is bit confusing as back and armrests are similar

The model isn’t made with natural leather. But, Betsy Furniture’s merging with the chemical can add more durability. We highly recommend it to those who have pets or kids. The cushion back, extra deep seat, and splitting option up to 180⁰ make it automatic selection into the best leather couches for dogs.

7. Stone & Beam Lauren Genuine Leather Down-Filled Oversized Sofa Couch

Stone bean is an Amazon trusted brand that provides good and highly satisfying furniture products and this time, they introduced an over-sized love seat sofas of length 74” and 89″. The key feature of the sofa is the enhanced comfort level. When I sat on it for the very first time, I got sank into it which I definitely loved the most. That is possible with its 25″ seat depth, supple leather and the filling of high-density foam and the polyester.

Stone & Beam Lauren Genuine Leather Down-Filled Oversized Sofa

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  • Brand: Stone & Beam
  • Material: Natural Leather and Wood
  • Colors: 7
  • Type: Sofa Loveseat, Living room chair & Ottoman
  • Sofa Dimension: 45″D x 89″W x 37″H
  • Arm Style: Curved Arm
  • 25″ thick seat cushion
  • Three-year warranty

A solid hardwood frame makes it a durable sofa that lasts a long time to provide you and your dog with an exciting, relaxing journey. Removable and reversible seat cushions are meant to provide a balanced seating capacity. In case of muddy paw stains, you need to wipe them out with a semi-wet cloth. With a three-year warranty, the product is reliable and trustworthy.

What We Liked Most

  • 25″ seat cushions are meant to provide comfort
  • Seat cushions are reversible to quick side change if one gets dirty
  • Soft fabric easily resist the staining power of puppies
  • Equally good for Big man due to its oversized comfy seat
  • Hardwood frame advances the durability
  • Genuine leather upholstery lasts long

What We Disliked

  • Reclining feature could have been added
  • Some customers complain about deep seating although we found it soft, plush & comfy

The sofa is the most loved by me because of its comfort level and the wider space. The seat depth of 45 inches with 25″ thick seat cushions provides great utility to me and my Golden retriever and Poodle can easily adjust on it with my side to enjoy a soccer match. Furthermore, its reasonable price, three-years warranty, and curved arm design allowed us to recommend it as the best leather sofas for dogs for beauty seekers and dog lovers.

8. Rivet Andrews Contemporary Top-Grain Leather Sofa ( Top Pet Friendly Sofa)

Rivet Andrews Contemporary is another Amazon brand in the category, and the sofa is made with top-grained leather having a size of 82″ that is pretty much to have two puppies at a time. The quality of the sofa is unquestionable when it comes to 100% top-grained leather. With the Amazon name and one-year warranty, the sofa is a trustworthy choice on the list.

Amazon Brand – Rivet Andrews Contemporary Top-Grain Leather Sofa

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  • Brand: Rivet Andrews
  • Material: Pure leather with solid wood frame
  • Color: 6
  • Type: Love seat
  • Sofa Dimension: 37″D x 81.9″W x 36.2″H
  • 67”W sofa option is available
  • Arm Style: Straight
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • One year warranty

The frame is made with a solid wood frame to make the sofa more durable with a combination of the engineering behind; the sofa is unbeatable at the price. Two over two cushions make it more comfortable than many other sofas under this price tag. The top-quality leather means that the resistance against stains and scratches is quite high.

What We Liked Most

  • 100% pure leather enhances the durability
  • Firm structure with the solid wood frame
  • Enough space, even for two puppies
  • Two over two cushion makes it comfortable

What We Disliked

  • Slightly taller legs may do good

Rivet Andrews is a trusted brand, and this model has stiffer enough leather that resists the harshness of dog paws and other rough use. Additionally, the high stiffness is suitable for dogs sitting experience and humans. These unique features make it one of the best leather couch for dogs and we do recommend testing this sofa if you want to keep your dog by your side.

9. Hydeline Laguna 100% Leather Sofa Couch

Hydeline Laguna is next on our best couches for big dogs owners list because of its design and the size of the seats, which is 86″. More space available, the chance to relax with your best furry friends. The company offers 100% pure leather with stylish upholstery to finish the sofa design on a high note.

Hydeline Laguna 100% Leather Sofa Couch

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  • Brand: Hydeline
  • Material: Pure leather with kiln-dried wood frame
  • Color: Taupe
  • Types: Available in sofa, sectional, Loveseat, chair & Ottoman
  • Sofa Dimension: 38″D x 86″W x 35″H
  • Arm Style: Rolled
  • Seating capacity: 3

The top grain leather is used to make the seats and armrests, and the split grain leather makes the sides and the back. 2.25 high resilience foam is installed to keep you comfortable while resting on it with your beloved pet. The kiln-dried wood is used to make the frame add durability for a longer time.

What We Liked Most

  • Pure leather stays long with you
  • Top strain leather makes the sofa more scratch-resistant
  • The kiln-dried wood frame makes the structure strong
  • Roll shaped armrest for a cool look and comfortable arm

What We Disliked

  • Limited Color options

Besides its high price, Hydeline is one of the best pet-friendly couches. That is so, with its sleek design, attractive color, comfort level, and durability. We highly recommend the sofa to those who want positive impact with an aesthetically designed sofa having durability.

10. POLY & BARK Napa 104.5″ Sectional Sofa

Poly & Bark Napa is a trusted brand in the furniture market that offers the widest area of 104.5″. That is quite enough for you and your dog and is probably the best leather sectional sofa for dog owners on the list. It has an Italian design made with pure aniline leather material to make the sofa upholstery durable. The comfort level is high with the high-density foam and polyester filling.

POLY & BARK Napa 104.5″ Sectional Sofa

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  • Brand: Poly & Bark
  • Material: Pure aniline leather with wood frame
  • Color: 4 colors
  • Type: Sectional
  • Other Sofa types available as well
  • Arm Style: straight
  • Corner lock wooden frame

The sectional sofa comes in 4 colors. The most natural color is cognac tan, a refined version of leather. That is given to enhance the natural beauty of the leather, and that’s why it wasn’t pigmented. Solid wood legs with corner block engineering enhance durability and performance. Fiber blend seat back cushions and bolsters are good to see.

What We Liked Most

  • Non-Pigmented leather to promote the natural look of leather
  • Italian tanned style adds more beauty
  • Corner block wood engineering adds durability
  • High-density foam and polyester filling makes it comfortable

What We Disliked

  • Requires regular cleanliness

Our experience shows that no other sofa can beat the Italian style Poly & Bark sectional sofa in beauty and performance. Its broader capacity, corner lock wood frame, sectional design, higher seat depth, and durable construction bound us to include it on the list of best leather couches for dogs.

Buying Guide: How to Buy Best Sofas & Couches for Dogs & Cats

Dogs and leather couches are the things every pet dog owner must think of once in a while. That is perfectly justifiable because the durability of leather is unquestionable against the rough usage by the dogs. But what if you cannot decide what kind of leather sofa should you get? 

After testing and getting reliable reviews from dog owners, we have concluded these factors for you to look at before choosing a suitable sofa. Our BEST LEATHER COUCHES & SOFAS FOR DOG owners 2022 list is based on these factors.

1. Material:

Material is the main and most important factor in any purchase. The best couch material for dog owners is undoubtedly leather. While purchasing sofas for dogs, you have to be more careful while selecting because one hard paw strike may rip off the cover or damage the upholstery. 

No doubt that leather is an excellent material to deal with pets, but you have to check the leather type before getting the best couch for big dog. To add the most value to your purchase, you should go for the semi-aniline leather type, high-quality leather. At the same time, you should avoid the aniline leather because of its ability to catch scratches and scuffs easily. 

2. Scratch and Stain Resistance: 

Although leather is a durable material to have on the sofas, muddy paws of dogs and other irritating things can leave stains on the sofa surface. There are four types of leather used in sofas and other leather products. 

Before choosing the best leather couches for dogs, you should make sure the aniline, semi-aniline, or pigmented type leather is used in the sofa upholstery. These types of leather are good to resist the strains and scratches received by your pet dog. Pigmented leather is made to resist the rough scratches by pets and other animals or even the kids of these three types.

3. Price Range: 

Price surely is an important factor, especially when talking about leather sofas. Leather is quite expensive, and sofas require a bulk amount of it. But at the same time, it is reliable though. It would help if you did not compromise on payment to get a high-quality product instead of a sofa that usually lasts until the dog strikes it with the paw. 

However, our 10 BEST LEATHER COUCHES & SOFAS FOR DOG owners 2022 list contains some high-quality sofas at a nominal price; you should check it. It would also help if you kept in mind a range of $1300 to $2500 to get a reliable option.

4. Durable:

When it comes to durability, you have to understand all four types of natural leather and their consistency with time. The first type is pure aniline that is somehow low categorized against others. Because of its all-natural look, bug bites or scratches may remain visible, and a change in color consistency after some time can be expected. 

After that, aniline and semi-aniline come; a thin layer of other materials protects these for long-lasting. Semi-aniline provides more protection to colors from getting faded but protects from stains and scratches. Aniline may categorize as a slightly low performer than semi-aniline. Pigmented leather comes at the end with additional protections like wax, oil, etc., to provide more durability against scratches and stains and long-lasting colors. Couches for dogs should be made with pigmented or semi-aniline leather for enhanced durability.

5. Sofa Color:

Adding color as a factor to check before getting the best sofas for dogs is that pets, especially dogs, approximately use the sofa even after getting so much care, it is likely to receive scratches and stains on it. 

There are two categories in colors, lighter colors, and darker colors. Darker colors are more efficient in hiding stains, scratches, and dirt; we recommend you buy a dark color sofa that can do better. In short, the best pet friendly couches should be darker to save you from extra cleanliness headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of leather furniture is best with dogs?

A wider leather sofa provides great utility to you and your pet dog. However, other sofa types can add more value according to the space available in your home. Sectional sofa, love seats, and wider sleeper sofas can provide ease to your living style and your dog. 

2. Are leather couches bad for dogs? 

Not, leather couches and dogs are not unfamiliar to each other. Leather couches are proven best sofas for the owners and the dogs due to their durability and resistance against stains and scratches by providing due comfort to them at the same time.

3. Is a faux leather couch good for dogs?

Yes, faux leather provides equal comfort to natural leather. It also resists stains and scratches in a good manner, and if scratches or stains appear, it can easily be washed with simple wipes, a dusting machine, or water. 

4. Do dogs chew leather sofas?

Yes, they do. This can be considered a big concern for the dog owners that dogs love to chew the leather stuff. However, you can train your dog to be a good lad and chew the leather toys you provide and not the leather sofa.

5. How can I protect my leather couch from my dog’s nails?

Before buying a sofa, make sure that it is made with scratch-resistant leather type, and if you already have a leather couch at your home, make sure to trim your furry fellow’s nails so that it won’t hurt him and your leather sofa. You can add an extra cover to protect it from the dog’s paws.

Final Verdict

Numerous sofas with different types of leather are available in the market, and choosing from them becomes a hard job because you don’t know how it will go if you haven’t used leather sofas in the past. From our list, these models are highly recommended to impact your purchase. 

  • Stone & Beam Lauren Genuine Leather 
  • POLY & BARK Napa 104.5″
  • Hydeline Bella 100% Leather Sofa Couch

The article is based on telling you the right sofa for you and your dog. My favorite sofa among them is Stone & Beam Lauren Genuine leather and is recommended for retriever or Labrador owners. Others are highly recommended as well and may depend upon your needs and budget. So, you can check the list to find out best suitable options for you.

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