Best Recliners for Scoliosis 2022 | 7 Top Reclining Chairs Review

Spinal curvature of Scoliosis can create many problems for your body as you can’t do anything properly. You may face a painful experience due to this spinal disorder. Many types of research show that resting on a recliner or massage chair helps you overcome Scoliosis and reduce the pain created by the disorder.

However, selecting the best recliners for Scoliosis may become complicated if you get it for the first time. There are many recliners available in the market, but selecting the best is something you can’t trust anyone’s marketing tact. After testing numerous recliners, we recommend these 7 options to choose from when buying best recliners for scoliosis patients.

Best Recliners for Scoliosis | 7 Amazing Recliners Review and Buying Guide

1. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel (Best Power Lift Recliner for Scoliosis)

Although there were some other options under the power lift recliner category, we picked the Signature Design by Ashley because of its trust and durability. While testing, we observed the high-quality cushions, lumbar support, and headrest. The features we observed provide more comfort and durability at the same time.

The material used in recliners comes with leather-like saddle brown upholstery that precisely resembles leather. However, the poly fiber is strong enough and has a comfortable skin to give you a comfortable touch to your spine and entire body.


9.4/10 Our Score
    Key Features:
  • Brand: PSignature Design by Ashley
  • Dual motor lift chair recliner
  • Power lift and Tilt
  • Reclining back and elevating legs independently
  • Hand control power button with adjustable positions
  • Colors: 2, saddle & Black
  • Padded head and footrest
  • Extra thick cushions

The company has included fashion and comfort in its iconic power recliner design; if we take a look at the design of this recliner, modern and stylish looks are what makes it perfect. With just one press, the recliner will gently massage your back and lift your legs so that you can feel as if you are on a comfortable cushion.

The chair can complete the reclining circle in one minute. Within this minute, the recliner will turn entirely to bed form, and the footrest will be activated simultaneously. This entire procedure is powered by 110 volts of electricity. It is highly recommended for any person with Scoliosis and any kind of back pain.

What We Liked Most
  • Dual motor lift chair recliner that makes it power lift recliner
  • Heavy cushions with thick poly fiber support your back and hips
  • The 1-minute reclining circle completion time makes it equally suitable for elderly and disabled persons
  • Extra thick headrest ensures the perfect resting position for your neck and head
  • A padded footrest supports your lower leg’s posture
What We Disliked
  • The reclining circle is very slow for some people

The company’s model is one of the best recliners to tackle Scoliosis. The company provided extra thick cushions, a power lift, a heavily padded headrest, a footrest, and a vibration feature to support scoliosis recovery.

2. Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner (best chairs for elderly with Scoliosis)

Esright lift chair is powered by a UL-certified actuator that can lift the chair to assist the elderly get up and walking around without adding any pressure to the knees or back. Additionally, you can alter the height or recline position (reclines up to 145 deg) you’d like by using 2 buttons located on the chairs.

The recliner chair has eight massage points that vibrate, and the remote control can control lumbar heating with the easy remote control. It is made of high-end composite materials that allow easy cleaning and ultimate comfort. It also has the benefits of anti-felting as well as anti-pilling.

Esright Power Lift Recliner

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Key Features:

  • Brand: Esright
  • Retractable footrests and backrests
  • reclining position up to 150 degrees
  • Lift mechanism for elderly people
  • Eight-point vibrations massage system
  • Four side pockets & Overstuffed seat pillow

An additional USB port lets users charge their devices while sitting or reclined. However, the USB ports are intended for low in power devices like Phones, iPad, or headsets. Two cup holders and side pockets to store drinks and other small items in reach are great designs for everyday use.

It is a simple assembly and will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes to set up the sofa. In addition to it, you don’t need any tool to install it. We strongly recommend recliners for people who are the height of 5’1″ to 5’9″ height for the best results.

What We Liked Most
  • Pillow on the backrest, seat, and armrest to provide additional comfort
  • Four prominent positions provide the best comfort to elderly people
  • A reliable steel chair makes the recliner durable
  • The silent motor doesn’t create irritation by noise
What We Disliked
  • The USB port is not suitable for heavy charging objects

Suitable Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner’s wide range of features supports people with Scoliosis and makes it the best chair for the elderly with Scoliosis. Esright is known for its massage chairs and recliners, especially for people living with Scoliosis. This model from them is a combination of quality, performance, and technological advancement at the same time.

3. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner (Best Electric Massage Recliner for Scoliosis)

The Kahuna LM-6800S is a specially designed massage chair that is considered one of the best performers in the field. Its L-track frame structure-based design provides a heavy-duty look and working ability. Its multiple zero-gravity poses mean that three distinct angles elevate your legs away from your heart to ensure you find an ideal position.

Through 3-D body scanning, the Kahuna places the rollers following the pressure points in your back to ensure a full massage. Another fantastic feature includes 36 first-generation air cells in three intensities to provide an enhanced massage experience. While these airbags aren’t as good as Second Generation airbags, it feels good to have them.

Kahuna Massage Recliner

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Key Features:

  • Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair Store
  • L-Track, four roller system
  • Five massage techniques & air pressure levels with heating therapy
  • 3 Zero gravity positions & Bluetooth speakers
  • Flexible Roller Speed
  • Computerized body scanning technology
  • Air-cell technology for full body massage
  • 12 Auto programs & dual foot rollers

We noticed during testing that the Kahuna has the basics like Kneading and tapping, Combo, and Rolling. However, these methods are the best solution to ease back discomfort. You can choose the body part you would like to massage using five pre-programmed body massages that you can personalize with three-speed and intensity levels.

Kahuna’s Yoga stretch function is strong enough to offer immediate relief from back pain that has been chronic for a long time by releasing tension from the compressed discs in the spine. Kahuna 6800 features some user-friendly features and other options which make this recliner ideal for those with heights up to 6’4″. The above features prove that the Kahuna LM-6800S is the Best Massage Recliner for Scoliosis.

What We Liked Most
  • 5 manual massage techniques with different speeds allow you to massage any part of your body
  • 3 stages of zero gravity provide an extreme level of comfort
  • Auto stretching ability provides ease in during the sitting period
  • An adjustable shoulder pad allows you to set the neck, shoulder, and head position
What We Disliked
  • Highly expensive against others but perfectly justifies the price with features

When selecting Best Electric Massage Recliner for Scoliosis, you can’t ignore Kahuna’s LM-6800S. The model is excellent and ended on a very high-performance note during our test and hence declared the best in the massage category.

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4. Homall Recliner Chair (Well Padded and Affordable)

Homall recliner chair is a fantastic design recliner for Scoliosis that comes with three configurations. These configurations allow you to adjust the recliner the way you’d like. If you’re required to sit down for a long time and want to fix the recliner 90 degrees, you will improve your posture when sitting.

If you are planning to sit down and watch a film for two to three hours in it, you can set the recliner to 120 degrees so that you can enjoy more comfort and not be bored for a long time. You could also adjust the recliner to 180 degrees if you require a nap or an afternoon break after a long workday.

Homall Padded Seat Leather Recliner

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Key Features:

  • Brand: Homall
  • Extra thick headrest
  • Easy assembly & comfort seating
  • Metal frame of highest quality
  • Multiple angle setting
  • High density foam & easy to maintain faux leather
  • Amazingly stitched design & footrest
  • Perfect for living room, bedroom or any area

Concerning the quality of the material used in this recliner chair, it comes with premium PU leather which is comfortable enough to provide you with a comfortable feel. Also, it provides more significant support for your shoulder and spine.

The company has a high-quality and durable steel frame that offers decent comfort and more dense foam padding that gives you more support when relaxing with your loved ones. The footrest on this recliner is upgraded to the other recliner chairs. They are well cushioned to give you great feet support. It is a great value and top recliner for Scoliosis to fulfill all your needs.

What We Liked Most
  • An inexpensive recliner that just costs under 160 bucks
  • High-quality steel frame that makes it a durable recliner
  • Faux leather that is easy to maintain
  • A sponge filled with an extra-thick headrest that reduces the tension on the upper side of the spinal cord
What We Disliked
  • Cushions should have been thicker but suitable according to the price

Homall was considered the best scoliosis recliner for the money during our testing period. The recliner is vital for reducing lower back pain and scoliosis sufferers. In addition to it, its steel frame and faux leather make it a durable option at the price level.

5. Fjords Mustang Leather Recliner Chair and Ottoman (Best Leather Recliner for Scoliosis)

Fjord’s Mustang recliner is developed with an ergonomic design that helps alleviate pressure on the neck and lower back and improves muscle performance. The recliner is equipped with a wood base and steel frame topped with high-density foam padding, which is a perfect option for people suffering from chronic back pain, Scoliosis, and muscle strains.

Additionally, a high backrest lets you lean back or sit in the most comfortable position. It’s thickly cushioned with high-density foam that helps cushion your body and relieve pressures from the backbone and shoulders. The lumbar support and armrest can further improve comfort with a fully padded headrest.

Fjords Mustang Leather Recliner

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Key Features:

  •  Brand: Fjords Mustang
  • Genuine Fjords Leather
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Molded foam seats
  • 43 color options
  • Wooden frame and support
  • Separate Ottoma

Contrary to conventional recliners, the chair is equipped with an ottoman that is an additional footrest that is adjustable, allowing you to take a seat and relax in the most comfortable positions. Ottoman comes fully cushioned and has highly adaptable designs. Additionally, the knob on the side allows users to alter the chair’s reclining at different angles.

It also comes with the ability to swivel up to 150 degrees, which allows you to view at different angles without disrupting your posture. Its leather upholstery feels soft and repellent in its nature. It cannot soak up spills and is relatively easy to wash.

What We Liked Most
  • Higher weight-bearing capacity makes it durable
  • Leather upholstery makes it the Best Leather Recliner for Scoliosis on the list
  • You can position the ottoman according to the body size
  • Excessive lumber support and headrest
What We Disliked
  • The electric massager could have made it a complete package

The chair has a unique design that includes an ottoman for an additional footrest. It takes up many areas for reclining and footrests within the room. After getting a positive record and performance, we highly recommend that the recliner provide you with the highest comfort level and durability.

6. Flash Furniture Recliner Chair (In Best reclining chairs for Scoliosis)

Our testing on finding the best recliners for Scoliosis allows us to include Flash Furniture Recliner Chair. It is another recliner that can offer you a higher comfort level for people with Scoliosis. Relax and unwind after an exhausting day with this leather sofa recliner chair with upholstered upholstery and an ottoman. It is created to offer the ultimate comfort and durability with a long-lasting lifespan.

The swivel recliner makes a highly comfortable, fashionable design for any living room, bedroom, man cave, or reading area. If you’re looking for a soft, elegant, luxurious design and feel to your living space, this recliner set of chairs and ottomans is the best choice. The recliner and the ottoman set bring a distinct elegance to any space with comfortable and sturdy leather soft fabric.

Flash Furniture Reclining Chair

Key Features:

  • Brand: Flash Furniture
  • Wooden base
  • Four color offering
  • Stylish design
  • High lumbar support (high-quality sponge filling)
  • Extra soft headrest
  • Padded and supportive armrest

The neutral hue is perfect for any style of decor. The ample foam padding on the back, seat, and armrests gives a soft and luxurious feeling with elegant comfort. The headrest supports your entire body to ensure complete relaxation. Its base ottoman set is constructed of solid wood and is finished in an intense mahogany color for a classic look. The ball-bearing structure in the base allows for a smooth swivel motion that makes it easy to adjust the recliner’s position to your preferences.

Change the angle that your recliner is in from straight to fully recline by using the lever conveniently situated below the right-hand arm of the chair. Ensure your flooring is safe with the floor glides to avoid scratches and scrapes. They also permit the recliner to glide effortlessly across flat surfaces. It provides the ease of arranging the room space.

What We Liked Most
  • Thicker cushions that offer maximum comfort
  • A trusted brand that offers durable products from 20 years
  • The reclining lever provides ease to control the reclining positions
  • A wooden base stays with you for a long time
What We Disliked
  • Limited height capacity

We highly recommend this reclining chair for those who want to reduce lower back pain in the office, in shops, and even at home. People living with Scoliosis have to work in their relevant places, and Flash Furniture’s this model proves to be the Best reclining chair for Scoliosis.

7. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner (Most comfortable recliner for Scoliosis)

The zero-gravity positioning of this massage recliner from SMAGREHO elevates the feet over the heart to improve circulation and ease the pain. We have added it to our best recliners for scoliosis | Our Top 7 Reclining chair suggestions list. It also comes with eight massage rollers designed for the back, neck, waist, and back and airbags throughout the chair.

It provides the airbag with a squeezing massage to every body part. Pick from six pre-set massage options and three intensities to customize your massage experience. The recliner features lumbar healing therapy that helps relieve back pain and encourages the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Smagreho Massage Chair Recliner

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Key Features:

  • Brand: Smagreho
  • Back Heater
  • Back Massage Rollers
  • Expendable footrest
  • Relieve fatigue and Scoliosis
  • Full body massage
  • Airbag squeeze massage

Additionally, it has an adjustable footrest that provides an acupressure massage for your feet. Additionally, a Bluetooth Audio player can run inside the structure of the recliner to let users stream their music of choice to enhance their relaxation. Select three faux leather options that include brown, black and blue. The recliner comes with a capacity of 380 pounds.

What We Liked Most
  • 2022 design is very latest and most attractive
  • The zero-gravity feature allows you to get your feet higher
  • Structure and airbag design offers full body massage
  • Extra padded head, armrest, and footrest make it the most comfortable recliner chair
What We Disliked
  • Little bit higher price

Smagreho is a professional recliner and massager maker of modern time. We added it into the most comfortable category because of its airbags, zero gravity feature, back massage rollers, and vibrators. The massage recliner is safely said as the most comfortable among them all.

Buying Guide

Scoliosis causes severe health issues to your body and if you have faced the problem unluckily, selecting the one suitable for you requires considerable attention. The responsibility increases when you purchase it for the very first time. However, to understand the complete working of a recliner or reclining chair, you can make your purchase worthy.

You have to look at a few things before selecting the best chairs for Scoliosis. We also checked these factors during our testing and selected the recliners and chairs accordingly. Our best recliners for scoliosis | Our Top 7 Reclining chair suggestions list contains all the products based on the lumbar support, footrest, adjustable headrest, Etc. Let’s check the factors!

Recliner’s Support for Lower Back

The most critical factor to look at before getting chairs for people with Scoliosis is its support to your lower back. Scoliosis patients have a spinal disorder that creates problems and sometimes severe lower back pain if they are not placed perfectly. Your recliner should have a supportive design to uphold the normal position of the spine.  

The lumber support of the recliner should have an adjustable feature so that you can adjust it according to your spinal position. A flexible and dedicated lumbar support is essential to ensure that people with Scoliosis rest and sleep in the most healthful position. In addition, specialized lumbar support can help reduce symptoms of growing scoliosis condition.

Adjustable and Padded Armrest

Armrest plays a vital role in selecting the best recliner for Scoliosis. Although most recliners have an armrest, according to our experience, an adjustable armrest is somehow essential for scoliosis patients. The thing is that a person living with Scoliosis requires a high comfort level, and with the help of suitable body positions, you can feel less back pain. The padded armrest with a suitable position will increase the blood flow in your upper body and enhance the comfort level at the bottom of the arms.

Another thing is that an armrest position can enhance the chances of recovery from the painful disease. Many doctors across the globe suggest recliners that can adjust their armrest. So that your position can support the shoulders and reduce the tension around the spinal curvature, the criteria should be simple for you in selecting the best recliners for Scoliosis. Go for the padded and adjustable armrest.

Adjustable Headrest

Best reclining chairs for Scoliosis have adjustable headrests that support the head position while sitting. People with Scoliosis acknowledge higher discomfort during the sitting experience. Especially to their neck and the head if they want to read some book or watch their favorite TV drama.

Sitting there on a sofa with significantly less head movement is can turn out to be painful. However, a supportive headrest can provide you to adjust the head position accordingly. It will enhance the comfort level, but you will see a positive recovery from the painful disorder.

Cushions design and Thickness

You should be more concerned with a sturdy structure that doesn’t restrict your cushion to ensure a completely relaxing experience. A sturdy wooden or steel frame offers the most support to carry the thicker cushioning. The structure should be sturdy enough to sustain cushioning and mobility as needed. Combining the durable frame, excellent and thick cushion design makes any reclining sofa the most comfortable recliner for Scoliosis.

The cushioning consists of different parts like the backrest, seat, and the other soft parts of the chair. Choosing an adequately padded structure is essential to provide cushioning and support. High-density foam and sponge offer the needed cushion to adjust to the body. In addition, supportive designs like backrest extra corner layers and the extra cushioned lumbar support can enhance the comfort and rehabilitation process of the disordered spine.


An adjustable footrest makes a recliner different from sofas and other furniture. The feature plays a central role in providing high comfort and getting your posture correct. There are two considerations we recommend to checking for the footrest while selecting the best chairs for Scoliosis. First is the one push powered footrest option, where most of the recliners have a mechanical setup for this feature. However, the latest electric-powered footrest allows you to pull out the rest slowly and gently.

Although the electric-powered system mostly comes in electric massage recliners, some models add the electric pullout footrest mechanism to enhance the value of the recliner. You can consider the footrest chaise option that comes with some models separately. But being in the furniture business, we suggest you not buy a recliner sofa with a separate footrest chaise, especially if you are purchasing recliners or chairs for people with Scoliosis.

Recliner’s Breath-ability

The ability to breathe in the recliner is crucial as the heat generated by your body can cause severe discomfort when you are doing long sleep or working hours. After checking so many options, we concluded and highly recommended you get a breathable recliner. Breath-ability adds more value to your purchase. That is because a person with Scoliosis faces intense pain and discomfort over a slight movement. As a result, the sufferer experiences more sweat than ordinary people.

Look for foam padding that allows the best airflow to combat body heat. You should also concentrate on the fabric used for upholstery. Microfiber is among those with the greatest aeration to ensure your body is kept cool and sweat-free throughout long hours of rest and work. The best recliner for Scoliosis should have the ability of breath-ability.

Color and Design

Colors and designs are the factors that fit perfectly in every chase. Although you want more comfort than any other factor while purchasing a good recliner, what happens when you are asked to sit on a recliner that you don’t like? You can understand my stance on it. Buying a recliner with your favorite color and design can give you more satisfaction. There is some best massage chair for Scoliosis on our list that have an outstanding design and eye-catchy color.


Like color and design, the budget also plays a vital role in selecting the best reclining chairs for people with Scoliosis. Although you can spend a lot to reposition your spinal curvature, it is not recommended to spend the bucks blindly. After rigorously checking the features mentioned above, we have also added some best scoliosis recliners for the money in our list. However, after the testing, we conclude that you should keep in mind to spend around $500 to $1800.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1- Are recliners for Scoliosis worth it?

Yes, it is worth it due to recliners’ abilities that support people with Scoliosis recovering from the painful disorder. However, the key is that you should find a recliner that can provide extra comfort through its structure and cushioning quality. This article consists of some of the best recliners for Scoliosis; you can read and get the knowledge.

2- Can a recliner be bad for your back?

The straight answer is “No .”Recliners are not bad for your back; instead, they help you recover from the disorder. Many types of research show that using a good recliner can reduce lower back pain and helps you to recover from spinal curvature.

3- Do massage recliners help against Scoliosis?

People with Scoliosis experience severe lower back pain due to spinal curvature, and recliners provide significant relief in lower back pain. Best Electric Massage Recliner for Scoliosis does not only provide a relaxing experience but provides reprieve against Scoliosis while sitting neutrally.

4- What is the Best Electric Massage Recliner for Scoliosis?

There are a lot of electric massage recliners available on the market. Still, after testing so many options, we concluded that the Kahuna massage chair recliner is the best electric massage recliner for Scoliosis.

5- How should I choose the most suitable recliner for Scoliosis?

Buying the best recliner for Scoliosis requires more attention than the average purchase. You should check the recliner’s lumbar support, footrest, supportive armrest, adjustable headrest, cushion thickness, and design to make sure the recliner works according to your needs or not.

Final Verdict

Scoliosis causes many issues to your body, and getting the best recliner for Scoliosis becomes necessary. Although, after testing them closely, we have listed many options on our best recliners for scoliosis | In Our Top 7 Reclining chair suggestions list, these recliners and chairs are highly recommended amongst them.

  • Right Electric Power Recliner
  • Signature Design by Ashley
  • SMAGREHO 2022 New Massage Chair

These are some valuable and helpful recliners from our list. If you want extra padded comfort, then Signature Design by Ashley Yandel and Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner is suitable for you. However, if you are more concerned with the best massage chair, then SMAGREHO 2022 will be the best option. Apart from them, you can read the other products’ reviews to get a broader knowledge. Best of luck with your good find.

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