Can You Sleep on a Recliner? ( Pros And Cons 2022)

A recliner serves great purpose as a chair as well as your bed for relaxing. While sleeping on a chair, the most common issue is sleeping in a sitting posture with both legs up. Such a situation can put a lot of stress and pain on your back. A recliner has the benefit of giving you the comfort that you need whether you want to sit and enjoy games and TV shows or whether you want to sleep to rest your day off.

But still, everything has its drawbacks. If you have a recliner and you are wondering whether sleeping in a recliner is safe for you or not, then we will explain a few important things for you. It may have its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s discuss them all.

Pros (Benefits) of Sleeping in a Recliner

Get Rid of Back Pain

In certain circumstances, it might help with chronic pain by giving respite. Sleeping or simply resting in a recliner enables you to relax a bit and ease back discomfort if you have a quality reclining chair with enough lumbar support. Sleeping in a completely reclined position with both legs up will help relieve strain on your back and decompress the spine because your back is always under stress throughout everyday activities. 

Boost Blood Circulation

Gravity naturally reduces stress and inflammation when you sleep in a completely reclined recliner chair. Research has proven that patients in the reclining chair were comfortable and their circulation had a positive result. Their group experienced fewer negative symptoms, including nausea, acute discomfort, and delayed voiding.

This implies that in addition to alleviating back discomfort, resting in a reclining chair properly can enhance blood circulation, which promotes faster recovery.

Allows Better Breathing

Sleeping on a chair can help expand your diaphragm, making it easier to breathe. Another advantage of sleeping in a recliner is that it can be more comfortable than sleeping in a bed because of all of the little pillows, although this will depend on the model of chair you choose and how much it costs.

Better Digestion Booster

It helps to boost the digestion system of a person allowing him to relax at home and sleep peacefully. It’s natural for a body to digest better; it is entirely in a state of rest. You’re giving your body a chance to digest everything inside your system by fully reclining in a recliner chair.

The Cons of Sleeping in a Recliner

There are few dangers with a recliner chair if you sleep on it for hours.

Shallow Sleep Possibilities

Sleeping on a chair might cause disturbed sleep if you are unable to locate the correct sleeping posture. It’s recommended to sleep on a mattress if you don’t find sleeping in a chair comfortably. If you’re used to sleeping on one side of your body on the opposite side, you may feel a little discomfort in that.

Sleeping Positions are Limited

If you want to change positions while sleeping, a recliner chair is not the chair for you. While sleeping comfort isn’t a major health problem, it is something to consider. You may roll up too rapidly, resulting in insufficient support beneath your head. 

If you need to sleep on your back, it might create shoulder pain since, if you’re used to resting on a bed with pillows supporting this area and gently keeping everything down, sleeping on a chair would be extremely different. 

Blood Clots Possibility

You run the danger of getting deep-vein thrombosis or blood clots if you don’t utilize it properly, mostly in case when sleeping in a semi-reclined position. This happens when you don’t move for a lot of time while staying in a single position. You don’t need a chair for sleeping; thus, you’re wasting money on something that will just be in your house when the money may be better spent elsewhere.

Unable to Stay Alert

When you’re sitting in a recliner, it seems to operate best if you’re sitting erect. One of the worst aspects of using a recliner is that if you’re not cautious, your head might droop to one side when it lowers down, causing neck discomfort or other damage. Finally, because the posture exerts pressure on the throat muscles, resting on your back while sitting up might produce snoring.

This isn’t necessarily a problem if you live alone, but if you don’t, the noise will disturb someone else’s sleep.


This discussion shares the pros and cons of recliners that people use for sleeping or resting for hours. We shared what good and bad sides it has and how it must be used for sleeping.

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Is it fine for you to sleep in a recliner?

You should not make it a habit of sleeping on a reclining chair every night. Normally, it’s okay but still you have to be cautious. 

Is it worse to sleep in a recliner?

It is not bad to sleep in a recliner, but you just have to find a suitable posture so that your muscles don’t get caught up.

Is it good to sleep in a recliner?

You can sleep on a recliner because it is more comfortable than a bed, but you just have to be in the proper position.

Can sleeping in a recliner cause back pain?

Sleeping in a recliner highly reduces back pain and chronic stress. Just make sure your posture is correct.

Can sleeping in a recliner cause you blood clots?

If your body is not in a proper state on a recliner for hours, it is possible for it to develop blood clots.

How do you sleep better in a recliner?

Recliners are comfortable chairs that are made to adjust according to your body. The adjustable position and shape of the recliner posture can help any user find the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the day.

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