How to Remove Scratches from Leather Couches and Sofas

The addition of leather couches and sofas can instantly make your room elegant and luxurious. But, it becomes a very challenging task to keep them safe from scratches from cats, dogs, and kids in your home.

Tiny scratches can be neglected, but sometimes they become difficult, and you require a professional to repair pet scratches on leather sofas and couches. Hence, it is better to remove scratches from leather couches and sofas.

Check the Type of Leather:

Before researching the details of repairing scratches on leather couches, you need to identify which type of leather has been used in the leather couches and sofas.

Normally, there are five common types of leather in the market utilized to manufacture leather furniture. Each type possesses specific characteristics, physical properties, and quality. Therefore, each one requires special attention and scratch removing product.

Identify the Type of Damage:

The procedure for repairing leather depends upon the kind of damage on leather couches. The damage caused by smaller pets will be tiny and easily repairable. Nevertheless, when leather is torn on sides or cuts in the center requires a lot of effort to fill the gap. All these damages have been discussed in the following lines.

Minor Scratches:

This is the most common type of leather damage. The whole leather piece doesn’t get distorted here, but the upper layer is peeled off. These scratches are normally observed in pull-over type leather furniture. Most of the time, only color fades away, which can be easily fixed.

Deep Damage:

In this kind of scratch, leather is torn out. It is harder to fix, but if you have the required resources and expertise enough, it can be fixed. But these damages can become part of leather furniture, and the look of elegant leather couches becomes dull and odd.

Things You Need-To Remove the Scratches and Fix the Damage

If you are fortunate enough, you will be able to repair scratches with the resources available at home. However, you will have to visit a store to purchase a leather kit for repairing a deeper scratch.

But you have to make the following item available to remove the scratch from leather couches successfully;

  • Leather conditioner
  • White vinegar
  • Leather repair kit
  • Leather cleaners
  • Repair pen or marker

Removing Minor Scratches from Leather Sofas

When you have identified the nature of scratch on the leather sofa, then you need to follow the steps as discussed below;

Step – 1: Prepare the Area

The primary step to remove scratches is to clean the damaged leather couches and make them free from dust. You will need to brush the outer surface clean dirt particles and pet hair. Then apply the leather cleaner to clean the damaged area gently. If the leather cleaner is not available, white vinegar can be applied for the same purpose.

Step – 2: Patch test

You need oils, like orange oil or olive oil, a soft rag, or chamois cloth. Dip the cloth into oil, then rub it on scratch gently. Other chemical products such as shoe polish, lanolin oil, and glove conditioner can be used. Now, you are almost done; wait for an hour, check if scratch or affected Area doesn’t have an oil stain, and move to the next step.

Step- 3: Buffing away the damaged area

Buffing is a step that is generally performed on tiny scratches. It involves swabbing cotton and rubbing it on scratch in a circular motion, starting from the center. In this way, scratch disappears, and the positive point is that color also comes from the surrounding area.

Step – 4: Recolor Scratch

If the scratch is deep and still visible, it is unnecessary to worry about it. This coloring step will help out in this situation. For this purpose, a leather coloring balm is applied on scratch using a leather marker or repairing pen. But, pay attention while applying balm; it must match the scratch area’s color. Also, you can follow the given directions of the manufacturer in this regard.

Removing Deep Scratches

Deep scratches need a lot of hard work and effort. You do the repairing. The leather has been cut, and fiber appears at the locality of scratch. To repair such damage, follow the procedure as given below;

Step – 1: clean the damaged area

Before applying a repairing product on scratch, you have to clean the area with leather cleaners or rub it with oil and alcohol. In this way, dust particles will be washed out.

Step – 2: Trim the Area of loose fibers

Small fibers like hair appear on the surface when the leather is torn. Cut all the loose fibers on the edges of the damaged area with scissors. But, be careful not to increase the size of the cut or damage the portion of the leather.

Step – 3: Apply Leather binder

In this step, a leather binder is applied to the scratched area of the leather sofa to make the area strong. For this purpose, swab the soft rag or sponge into the leather binder and rub it on the area with great care. More than one coat can be applied depending upon the size of cut or scratch. Give a drying time between two layers of binder coats.

Step – 4: Sanding the Area:

An emery paper with fine-grit can remove loose particles on leather and make the surface smoother and even. Vacuum the damaged area before going into the next step.

Step – 5: Coloring the deep scratch

Find out a color that best matches the color of scratched leather couches or sofas. Use a sponge for coloring purposes and apply a thin coat for the first time. After drying, a series of coats can be applied. Give a soaking time between two coats so that each layer can have a strong bond with the previous coat.

Step – 6: Bulk filling

When the scratch is big enough, a filler material is applied, filling the cut or gap between damaged surfaces. Use a spatula and apply it gently so that no spits are observed. If you feel one layer is not enough, then apply the next layer but wait for drying for the first layer.

Step – 7: Finishing

As a final step in leather scratch repairing, apply finish on the surface of the scratch of leather couches and sofas by airbrush. Most of the time, a lacquer or leather finish is applied. It will cover the damaged area and increase flexibility and sturdiness.

Preventive Measures for Future

  • Train your kids’ pets to stay off from leather couches and sofas
  • Immediately, blot the spills with a dry cloth
  • Routinely use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft
  • Do not apply chemical cleaners, detergents, and abrasives as they make them look dull
  • Keep your leather couches and sofas away from direct heat sources and sun

Final Words

Whether you want to restore scratches on leather couches and sofas or fix pet scratches on leather sofas, this article provides logical information to keep your leather furniture safe and sound in your home. 

This may be time-consuming and hard to apply, but it is the best way to save a lot of bucks. However, if you are still reluctant about how to remove scratches on leather couches and sofas, you can contact a professional.

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