How to To Clean Your Couches And Sofas? | 7 Most Effective Ways

Sofa and Couch -The comfort in your home

Having sofa and couches in our home and room adds a different charm and satisfaction, but when we think of their cleaning methods, it strikes with hard anxiety. It is a real effort for some to find an easy and quickest way to renew them. Cleaning Sofas and couches are important to maintain their beautiful look.

The liking for sofa and couch varies from person to person. Some like stuffed structures like sofas, and some go for couches. Along with this, the texture of the fabric also depends on a person’s liking. The textures of sofa fabric contribute a lot to choosing the cleaning method.

Some major differences in people’s likes and dislikes about sofas and couches are:

  • Supported Armrest
  • Footrest
  • Capacity
  • Usage
  • Backrest
  • Fabric quality

Why keep sofas and couches clean?

Being an important member of our furniture the sofas and couches are extremely important to keep clean. In today’s lifestyle, everyone wants to have an airy room. While we get a room, it also brings a lot of dust and other dirt particles inside, which need to be clean on consecutive days.

Sofa being the coziest therapy, face a lot of abuse. They are filled with greasy, sticky, and stubborn stains of oil, ketchup, chewing gum, chocolate, and tea spillages. The pigments, in turn, make it look messier than ever. So on entering your place, you see a dirty couch or sofa and a wave of odor coming from it.

To maintain proper hygiene with fresh odor is compulsory, especially if you are keen on cleanliness. Keep reading the article and learn some interesting and quick ways of cleaning out your sofa and couch.

Clean Sofa and Couches

While you are demanding your sofa and couch collection, it must be good to consider the cleaning methods for the stuffed sofa you will have. There are plenty of ways to clean couches and sofas on a domestic level, but when we move to offices, hospitals, clinics, and other institutes. It becomes way more difficult to choose the correct type of cleaning method.

Sofa and couches need a proper cleaning at regular intervals for durability. Otherwise, we won’t be getting the same quality after a certain period. Let us now ponder upon some methods for how to clean a sofa.

  • Tapping the sofa surface
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Change the sides and covers
  • Clean spot
  • Use deodorant sprays or conditioners on couches and cushions
  • Apply a layer of two of upholstery cleaner
  • Brush and scrub the surface
  • Clean with a wet piece of cloth

7 Most Effective Ways To Clean Couches And Sofas

There are many ways to maintain a standard cleaning in your house. Every day, we encounter many new technologies where we get new cleaning methods. Nowadays, there are rapid advancements seen in cleansing.

In this article, you will get to know how to clean your sofas of all stuff. Keep reading and learn the basic methods to get the cleaning done.

1-Tap the surfaces

Regular cleaning is a must to keep things new. So the occasional dusting is good. By tapping, dust shatters get removed. While dusting, clean the folding and corners through sponging to clean the surface thoroughly.

2-Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is a convenient and affordable method to clean sofas and couches. A vacuum cleaner catches all the dust and other particles inside to give a thorough cleaning.

While considering the fabric of your couch, the vacuum cleaner is the most suitable option to start the cleaning process.

3-Change the sides and covers

It is good to flip sides and alter the position of your sofa and couches. Flip the cushions over the sofas. Do this once a week to maintain a good look at your sofas and couches.

4-Clean the stains right away

If you want to maintain the new look of your couch and sofa, then firstly avoid doing any stains on them. Or if there are some stains of ketchup, chocolate, or cocktail, then clean it right away with any cleaning product. The longer the marks stay, the more stubborn it is and difficult to remove.

5-Apply Upholstery Cleaner

Upholstery cleaning is a commonly used method. In this, you add a layer or two of fabric to avoid tearing or rough surface of the sofa. Especially if your sofa has light fabric, you can place some upholstery layers to keep them clean.

6-Brush the sofa surface

There are many brushing methods available in the market. We can use stiff and thorough rubbing brushes. Brushing helps the strings to move, and hence dust shatters. Brushing also helps to cope with dried stains.

Brush your sofa to maintain a neat look and keep the surface shiny of your couches. Get the one you like from Amazon and enjoy cleaning in a more detailed way.

7-Clean with a damp cloth

Cleaning with a damp cloth is another effective way to wipe off the sofa and couch surface. Use a wet piece of cloth but make sure that your sofa or couch is suitable for wet cleaning because there are instructions for some stuff that gets spoiled after being exposed to moisture.

It would be best to use a plain colorless piece of cloth dipped in warm or soap water. After you are done cleaning with a damp piece of fabric. Make sure to let the sofa completely dry.

Cleaning on different material couches and sofas

While we ponder different cleaning methods, we also know that our sofas and couches might not give the best look with a certain type of cleaning. It is necessary to know the exact cleaning method to avoid blunders that result in bad. So if you need to learn more about your sofa type and the best way to clean it, you are right. Keep reading and know a lot more.

1-Leather Couch

Leather is new trendy sofa stuff. A sofa with leather stuff gives a much nicer look to our place. However, it needs a lot of gentles care and cleaning to maintain a tidy look. For this, we need to know the exact and correct method to clean a leather couch.

It would be best to have some neutral soap or a leather conditioner for a leather couch. You need baking soda, which is applied through any colorless microfiber towel.

Firstly, clean the couch with a vacuum cleaner to wipe away all the unusual dirt. Remove the extra cushions and wipe stains with a damp cloth in warm soap water. After you apply it on the marks or all over the couch, clean it with a dry piece of fabric. Set a layer again with water damped cloth and then with a conditioner. You will see the best results without any time taking effort.

2-Microfiber Couch

Microfiber couches and sofas are highly in demand by the market. The sofas or covers are covered or layered with microfiber to attain a suede leather feel. Along with this, folks prefer it due to its durability and affordable price.

Like any other fabric, it is necessary to maintain a regular cleaning. But we must know how to clean a microfiber sofa without compromising quality.

It is easy to maintain a tidy look if we clean the stains quickly and vacuum them twice a week. You can use any ready-made cleaning solution or alcohol to wash away the stains. For sticky materials like chewing, use greasy solutions or baking soda to get a fresh smell.

3-Suede couch

A suede couch is one of the most used couches in our offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and lounges, and hence it is the most abused part of the furniture. The stains on it are unimaginably stubborn and require a true effort to get removed. Suede is the natural covering that resembles actual leather. Now, technology has introduced varied forms of suede. Let us ponder on how to clean a suede couch most quickly.

We must clean them twice or thrice a year to keep their shine as new. These couches are easy to clean with any water-based solution. The quickest method is to vacuum clean sofas or wash away the stains immediately. The suede couches are convenient to clean with any soap or water solution. Another way is to rub alcohol to fade away the tough spots from a Suede Couch.

4-Fabric sofa

Fabric sofas are the most comfortable in use and the first choice by buyers. But the people keen on cleanliness, this is not a good type of sofa. The stuff is homely for dust particles and other solid or liquid stains. Thus, it takes a hard time cleaning them.

Regular cleaning is a must for fabric sofas, but this is again according to use. If you are using a fabric sofa regularly, then a routine cleaning needs to be done. So, vacuum it first if all while thinking to clean them.

As a fabric is sensitive to catching dirt in it, it is important to note the correct methods to clean them. Some sofas are labeled with “S/W.” The S/W means using water-based solvents to clean the fabric sofa. Steam cleaning is also effective in cleaning stains on fabric sofas. The difficulty you might face is its porous nature, but you will be at ease when you get the right solution.

5-Sofa Cushions

Cushions are the miserable part of sofa and couch furniture because they are the most abused. Hence, they get torn, worn out, and expire before expected.

Early expiration includes wine spillage, ketchup or liquid stains, greasy marks, dirt, etc. So, it is essential to know how to clean couch cushions. The cleaning of the couches cushion depends on the type of fabric your cushions have. After learning the fabric type, you can look for an accurate cleaning method.

It is important to read out instructions for all sofas, couches, and cushions. So, while reading tags, you might notice some abbreviations like S/W/WS/X. These symbols mean that you can use water solvents, the water-free method, anyone method out of dry or wet cleaning, or only vacuum cleaning.

The cleaning methods cast a shadow on the looks of your sofa cushions. So try to get the best cleaning method for the best results. Start with vacuum cleaning your sofa. The vacuum cleaner will gather all the tiny particles from it. The dirt, hair, pins, and food particles will be carried away. Use any fabric cleaner to wash away the stains. You can also apply home remedies as an initial precaution to prevent the deep cleaning of couch cushions. After you notice a  curable solution, you must collect the right type of method.

 Hence, we can apply soap solutions, water solvent alcohol solutions, vacuum cleaners, and brush rub washing techniques to cleanse the cover and cushions of couches.

For non-removable covers, we can use steam cleaning, dry solvents, a carpet beater, a sponging method, any soap or detergent solution, and instant dryness with a fan.

How To Maintain A Neat Look On Couches And Sofas

After you make hourly efforts to clean your sofa, it is important to maintain the same quality hygiene for as long as possible. For this, you must need to do any of the following tasks. It will keep you safe from the hourly effort you make every week.

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Clean stains on the spot
  • Brush regularly or use a lint roller
  • Use cleaning solutions
  • Use conditioners after every cleaning


Wrapping Up

To clean sofas and couches is a tricky task. We use various techniques in everyday life, but to know the exact one with the required fabric is all we must need to know. The market is filled with many cleansers which claim to be perfect, but that is not how it works.

If you are looking for how to clean your couches and sofas, the above article is all you need to read. There are mentioned 7 effective ways to clean your couches and sofas. Read carefully and choose the solution which fulfills your sofa and couch requirements.

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