IKEA FRIHETEN Sofa Bed Review 2022 (Worth Buying?)

A Short Overview (IKEA FRIHETEN Sleeper Sofa Bed Review 2022)

Ikea Friheten offers a lot to people who look for comfort, durability, and style in a versatile furniture range. Suppose you have many friends who visit you more often than this sofa can add more value to your purchase at an economical price range. Overall, the couch becomes more valuable if you live in a compact apartment. The under-seat storage and space versatility makes it more demanding.

My experience with the Ikea Friheten is quite remarkable. Being a popular guy in my friend’s group, I acknowledge frequent visits from my friends. The Sleeper sofa adds excellent value to the time I used to sleep on it. Although sleeping on a sleeper sofa is not highly recommended, the Friheten sleeper sofa can be a great addition to your lifestyle. However, you can read a detailed and neutral Ikea Friheten Sleeper Sofa Review.

IKEA FRIHETEN Sleeper Sofa Review: A Neutral Discussion

I will review the sofa based on the factors present in a sleeper sofa. So, let’s get into it.

Ikea Sleeper Sofa Bed Review
IKEA FRIHETEN Sofa Bed Review 2022 (Worth Buying?)

1. Comfort

IKEA Friheten sleeper sofa is more firm concerning the cushioning for the seats. It’s not a lot padded; I would rate it as 7/10 on a fitness scale. I wouldn’t recommend it as your daily use sofa without testing the firmness at the store first. The comfort rate for everyone is different, so I recommend you check through the Friheten sofa reviews to see if it is firm enough to suit you.

I’d suggest using it as an extra room sofa that it can be converted into an additional bed when you need it. It is what I did in my room for guests, and it’s been a great experience. However, I would divide the comfort into two segments to deliver the perfect knowledge for your ease.

Ikea Sleeper Sofa
Image credits: IKEA


My experience indicates that the sleeper is pretty comfortable. The cushions at the back of the bed are used as pillows. The pillows add suitable ease to the use and provide a soft and comfy experience while sitting and during sleep. The Friheten sofa bed with chaise gives me the pleasure of lying down for a couple of nights in case of visitors.

However, I’m not particularly eager to lie on it regularly due to back pain. If you are facing back pain you may check our sofa suggestions for back pain. In addition, some cracks on the mattress add discomfort to some extent. The cracks are present in both diagonals of the chaise.

Couch/ Sofa

The cushions on the bottom feel solid, support the hips, and provide due comfort. However, the frame under the seat is not strong enough when we compare it with other heavy-duty sleeper sofas. The structure doesn’t support the enormous weight capacity, and I recommend you lose your extra weight before getting the Friheten Sleeper Sofa. However, other than their sleeper sofa, almost all of their sofas provide excellent support for a heavyweight. Furthermore, for heavy guys we have other amazing sofa suggestions as well. You can check our article best sofas for heavy person if you want to check those options.

Although the cushions are removable and super soft, I wouldn’t say I like their size. Cushions, or I would call them pillows or aren’t as heavy and don’t provide enough back support. While the backrest is elevated over those arms, it does not offer the most effective neck support when lunging back.

2. Material

There are many Friheten corner sofa bed reviews available across the internet. Most people do have a concern with the material used in the sofas. However, in my experience, you get what you have paid. According to the price, the material is quite good with an artistic design. The material used in the sofa is not as great as the expensive couches, but for people on a budget, I would highly recommend the couch.

IKEA Sofa material

The 2.0lb per cubic foot polyurethane foam and polyester wadding are the mixtures used in making the cushions and the seats. For the backrest, polyester fiber balls provide excellent support to the back. However, my concern remains the same as mentioned above. Although it looks good to stay stiff enough for a long time, I doubt looking at the material.

The bed box is made with plywood, paint, and particleboard. The same material is used in the sofa frame, and that’s the main point I have raised regarding its weight capacity and durability. The upholstery, faux leather, and 100 % polyester fabric add some value, but the cushions aren’t washable with water. It would be best to clean them with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. 

3. Features in Design

My Ikea Friheten Sleeper Sofa Review includes all the information related to the sofa to guide you in a valuable way. Although design or style has different preferences for different people, I tried to figure out some beneficial aspects of the design and the disliked features.

Modern Design

Friheten Ikea sofa features an angular frame and orthogonal lines designed to meet the modern criteria. One thing that is a plus for the couch is that it comes with a compact design that fits most of the standard spaced rooms and places. It is a feature that misses some of the big brands as well. You can easily adjust the Friheten sleeper sectional in any corner of your room.

Easy Conversion into Bed

The design of the sofa supports you to convert it into a bed with easy steps. Additionally, the Friheten sleeper sectional has a chaise lounge that makes converting from the couch into a bed. To get your sofa converted to a bed, you need to raise the seating space, release the backrest, and voila. However, I am concerned here, as I mentioned, that the line (where both the sofa and the chaise meet) adds slight discomfort.

Ikea Sleeper Sofa
Easy Conversion to bed

Hidden Storage

The Friheten sofa bed with chaise has an area of storage under the seat cushion that saves the space for you and accommodates storing the blanket, pillows, and the other stuff. I want to mention its armrests positioning and design placed in perfect position. I love them the most because they support arms during the TV watching.To conclude, I would mention that the Friheten couch is simple to convert from a sofa to a bed. However, the crack between the sofa bed isn’t the best and causes discomfort if you have a larger body.

Ikea Storage
IKEA Storage section

4. Size and Customization

Ikea offers a range of sofas with different options and sizes. However, I am just writing a Friheten sleeper sofa review, which I have personally used and am pretty satisfied with.


The sleeper sofa is 88(5/8)” Wide, 41(3/8)” Deep, and 32(5/8)” High. In addition to it, seat depth of 24″ and 18(1/8)” inch seat height makes it a good size for sitting or lounging back. However, remember to have a pillow or two behind your back. Similarly, the converted bed is 56(3/4)” wide and 78(3/8)” long which is enough for me as I am 5’9” average man.

Similarly, Friheten sleeper sectional is 90(1/2)” wide, 59(1/2)” deep, and 26″ high. Whereas, whereas the bed length is 80(3/4)“ and width is 55(1/8)”.

5. Friheten Sleeper Sofa or Friheten sleeper sectional?

Mentioned two options come in four colors: dark grey (the color I have), beige, brown, and dark orange. The company offers 100% polyester in both options. In addition to that, the Bomstad faux leather in the black color is a particular offering from the company. 

There arises a question, which option is better among both. Both options are excellent, and both come with storage space under the seat. The significant difference is how the sofa looks and feels after being converted into the bed. 

A standard sleeper sofa from the company will have a large crack or strip that runs across the mattress (between two people sleeping on the bed). One runs across your back while sleeping and the other across the middle of two people. My Friheten sofa bed with chaise review is neutral; however, the choice is yours.

6. Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Not many sofa and furniture industry brands care about environmental protection or sustainability. They want to maximize their profits. However, Ikea monitors the environment closely and efficiently utilizes its resources to protect the environment and the recycling process. A Friheten sofa is not harmful to the environment or human health.

Although the company uses different ways to work on sustainability, they built the material using mass-produced and cheap materials with recycled substances. According to the company, most of the wood used in its products is FSC accredited or recycled. Many components are used in the Friheten, and the company’s other products are based on polymer. Because of more effective freight and truck packaging, IKEA’s DIY construction reduces transportation-related emissions.

7. Pricing

Many websites and YouTube channels present the Friheten corner sofa bed review and talk about the prices of different sleeper sofas. However, while comparing the Friheten sofa with other similar options, I concluded one thing that you can’t beat the Friheten against the other sleeper sofas. The couch is not only affordable and attractive but is easy to put together to provide an enhanced comfort level.

Friheten is priced at 649 dollars for the sleeper sofa model and $699 for the sleeper sofa sectional with lounge. It’s on the low end of the price range for a sleeper sofa. However, other options are available on the market, but I would highly recommend this sofa if you have a short budget.

8. Assembling and Delivery

Ikea offers customers the choice to choose a 12-hour delivery time. Delivery is usually scheduled for up to a week delivery. Although it is just the same as Amazon, the main thing I liked about the company is that it will provide a person to bond the sofa at your home for charging some additional charges around 50 to 70 bucks.

As with all IKEA furniture, the KIVIK are found in various boxes. Based on the size and configuration, the sofa could take between 45 minutes and 5 hours to put together the sofa. In addition to it, the company also offers store pickup, delivery, and assembling services (as mentioned above) by charging an extra fee.

Plus Points of Friheten Ikea sofa

  • It is available with a smooth fabric and comes in a range of five colors
  • It is not the typical sofa bed design; it folds with ease
  • It provides a variety of simple three-seat sofas or the Friheten sofa bed with chaise
  • Smooth design that doesn’t have any metal piece through which the upholstery gets saved from uneven circumstances
  • The chaise can be situated on either side of the sofa (so it’s flexible when you decide to move)
  • Lifting the chaise allows you to keep bedding and other things in the hidden storage.
  • One side is without an arm, so it is used in smaller areas (your eye can glide across it)
  • Quite a large size sofa and bed against the other similar options in the market
  • Very affordable against the leading brands


  • It comes in only four colors
  • Cushions are not much thick but are excellent according to design
  • The sofa containing boxes during delivery won’t fit in a standard hatchback car
  • The boxes are heavy, and you’ll need two people to connect the sofa

Some Tickling Questions in Your Mind

Although, I wrote the Ikea Friheten review in detail, you might have some questions regarding the sleeper sofa. So, let’s get to them.

1. Are the Back Cushions added to the box?

The back cushions are comfier than the seating cushions, but they’re not attached so that you may shift them. The back cushions are made of the same material or fabric as the rest of the couch. The insides of the back cushions are filled with the same polyurethane foam as is used in the base.

2. Does IKEA offer a warranty?

Yes, IkEA offers a one-year return policy and ten years of warranty. Though some Friheten reviews have mentioned a warranty and others don’t, telling the remarkable thing enhances sincerity.

3. Does the cushioning on the seats softened with time?

Certainly no, if you are going to use it occasionally. The cushion inserts at the bottom of the couch bed are constructed out of polyurethane, which has an occasional bounce, so they’re unlikely to sink in the long run unless you’re sitting on them each day. But I’d guess you’ll get years of it before you notice a noticeable butt mark.

4. Is it suitable to use the sofa with pets?

My experience indicates yes, but you have to clean the upholstery regularly. However, I recommend you to use a good vacuum head in the vacuum cleaner to clean the fur of your beloved pet dog or the cat. Furthermore, you can check our article on best couches for dog owners if you are very concerned about choosing couch for your dog.

5. Is it simple to clean the stains from the upholstery?

Well, I would mention here that there are specific problems to face while cleaning the sofa beds. IKEA suggests cleaning using a damp cloth, but this doesn’t sometimes work, especially when you put it on the lounge and certainly there comes a wind storm. However, a good vacuum cleaner can solve your problem. Additionally, I’ve used a damp cloth for tiny stains to wipe their stain.

6. Can I assemble it alone with ease?

I would say it’s moderately complex. It’s a two-person task. Although the instructions are simple, you need a second person to assemble due to the heavy design and joints. Additionally, it would be best if you tightened the bolts, but at the same time, holding the sofa can become difficult.

IKEA offers installation and carrying services, and that is why I didn’t have any problem with the assembling. If you don’t want to spend some extra bucks, then it’s better to have two people around you to create ease during the assembly. You’ll have to flip the couch bed backward to access the underside to fix certain parts. It’s dangerous if a person is alone.

Final Thoughts

Well, my Ikea Friheten Sleeper Sofa Bed Review has some ups and downs for the sleeper sofa, but concluding the evidence, I can say that the Friheten sleeper sofa adds value according to its price. If you’re looking for something suitable for a few days of relaxation, or even to lie on throughout the day (which I often do when I require a break from my screen), the Friheten would be the ideal choice. 

According to my experience, it’s unlikely that your guests will claim that they had the most comfortable of nights sleeping on the bed. However, if you place an extra mattress protector over it to get the seat to thicken, I’m sure it will add significant value and comfort to your purchase. In the end, I would like to rate it 8 out of 10 after observing all its performance. The Friheten Ikea sofa is recommended for people who seek quality, space, and beautiful design at an economical cost. Good luck with your purchase.

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