Is Leather Recliner Better Than Fabric Recliner – Comparison

It often gets difficult to decide between a recliner chair made of fabric or leather. In this article, we will deeply look into this argument made by the customers on the internet, “Is a leather recliner better than a fabric recliner?” alongside the similarities and differences between the two choices with the help of experts.

A reclining chair is quite comfortable and provides excellent back support. It is a perfect option for those who want to relax their muscles and joints while sitting or standing. When seated, it offers outstanding support. You can relax comfortably by lowering the back and raising the footrest.

The chair’s back can be raised to make getting up from it less of a hassle. Both of your feet will be flat on the floor in this position, making it much easier for you to stand up. 

Overview of Leather Recliner

Suppose you’re considering purchasing a leather sofa recliner, in that case, people are likely attracted to it because of its sleek design, sturdy construction, comfortable upholstery, and perhaps its characteristic spick-and-span hygiene. Leather reclining chairs are basically of three main categories. There are modern, transitional, and classic seats.

Moreover, regarding this recliner, leather can take on the characteristics of its surroundings due to its porous nature. As a result, the leather may seem chilly at first, but it will warm up fast so it’s a win for many.

Advantages of Leather Recliners


The majority of leather products are cozy. Also, their recliners are a certain way, making it easier on the feet. Additionally, their stylish yet functional design prioritizes the wearer’s comfort.

Longevity and durability:

It’s true that leather lasts longer than other materials but only if cared for properly. Leather’s ease of care depends on the individual, but it’s typically simple. It must be dusted or wiped down lightly a few times a year. You must follow these steps to keep your leather in good condition, which will surely last you longer than expected.

Because dirt, dust, and allergens won’t be able to settle into the cushion’s innermost layers, keeping it clean won’t be a hassle, and it won’t give any health risks to those who sit on it. Moreover, leather’s low porosity means it won’t collect dust mites or other allergies, making it a good choice for sensitive skin.


Another thing that makes you choose leather recliners over fabric is the upholstery. When it comes to upholstery, many people choose leather over other materials because of the luxurious sheen it imparts on furniture.

Disadvantages of Leather Recliners

Limited colors:

One major drawback to leather recliners is that there aren’t many color options. It comes in only three colors—black, brown, and occasionally white. While it does offer a range of brown and black tones, it falls short of providing the spectrum of vibrant styles found in fabrics.

High price:

Their higher price than similar cloth recliners limit their accessibility to low-income and middle-class consumers. While we can elect to purchase an imitation leather recliner, this alternative comes at a cost and does not provide the same luxurious experience.

Overview of Fabric Recliner

Fabric recliners come in a wide variety of patterns. It is made to appeal to a wide range of customers, and is more in demand in the market.Moreover, talking about the fabric recliners there are different types of fabrics that are used such as synthetic and natural. Fabrics that are made from natural fibers have a tendency to be quite luxurious and are the ideal choice if you want to go for the fitted appearance.

Advantages of Fabric Recliner

Many Colors and a Wide Range of Designs:

Today, you may find almost any color, pattern, or feel in a piece of fabric. Therefore, there is a high probability of achieving the desired effect with your current furniture and accessories.


If you’re looking to get the most out of your money, a sofa made of fabric is probably the way to go. A similar sofa in leather would cost more, even though the frame and fabric are likely higher quality.

Maintenance and durability:

The durability of the fabric is directly proportional to its quality. Better durability is achieved by using high-quality material. Most materials also feature a stain-resistant coating for simple cleanup during accidental spills.

In contrast to leather, the fabric won’t get scratched as fabrics are less likely to become scratched than other materials, making them the best option for homes with young children and pets.

Disadvantages of Fabric Recliner

Irritation to skin:

The prominent disadvantage people are concerned about fabric recliners is the irritability factor. Because the fabric could potentially trap the allergens that could cause significant allergies to people, it is not appropriate for those situations where those most prone to allergies would be using it.

Regular cleaning:

It requires regular vacuuming, which will remove surface debris and dust but not the trapped allergens that can cause health issues for some people.

Color fade:

Another disadvantage with the below-average fabrics is that the materials tend to lose their original color after some time.

Is leather furniture better than fabric – Quick Comparison

Fabric recliners or furniture are available in various colors, designs, and materials, and they are both pleasant and long-lasting. However, maintaining their cleanliness can be a hassle. 

When it comes to fabric, however, you need to keep in mind that a sturdy material of high quality is always advised because it will hold its shape for a significant number of years.

Leather furniture is usually long-lasting and will probably remain in use longer than fabric ones. In addition, leather recliners or chairs are simple to clean and maintain. However, you will still need to condition the leather to maintain its flexibility and durability.


Reclining chairs and couches can be upholstered in either fabric or leather, which was an attempt to highlight the differences between the two materials. The benefits that different recliners and couches offer and the other fabrics and leathers used to cover them are also highlighted in the article. So, I hope you get your head clear about the argument we are having on the internet whether a leather recliner is better than a fabric recliner or not. Also, to mention one last thing that it also depends on your needs and what you are looking for.

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